Private jet from London to Dubai: our tips to visit the Emirates safely

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Ready to reach Dubai in 7 hours? Discover all the advantages of choosing a private jet

Dubai is an amazing city, which was turned into a metropolis surprisingly rapidly.

With its breathtaking skyscrapers, clean beaches and trendy shops, Dubai is visited by more and more people each year.

But now the question is... Have you ever thought about reaching this city by chartering a private jet? If you haven't yet, in this article, we will see the main benefits of flying with Fast Private Jet.

Burj al Arab

Reach Dubai enjoying the benefits of a private jet

Choosing to fly by private jet means making the most of your time, because you will avoid the long queues passengers usually do before and after the flight.

Moreover, you will be able to choose the day and time that best suits you for both the outward and return flight. In fact, you won't have to adapt according to the airline availability, but it's you who decides when it's time to leave.

And there's more.

If you choose to fly with us, you can decide who to travel with. That means, you won't have any stranger sitting next to you, and will be able to relax in total privacy and confidentiality.

In addition, we can arrange the spaces according to your specific demand.

Travelling with your family? Perhaps you need some extra space to stow the luggage.

If you're travelling for work, you can request the business setup: our staff will create a 'flying office' where you can work with your laptop during all the flight.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the journey while sipping the best champagne and tasting the most delicious food. In fact, we offer a fine catering service along with the possibility to have a chef or barman on board.

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Discover five places that make Dubai one of the most famous and glamour cities in the world

#1 Burj al Arab

The Burj al Arab hotel, built on an artificial island less than 270 metres from the beach, is another of the most beautiful places to see in Dubai.

At 321 metres high in the shape of a sail, this hotel is among the best accommodation on the planet and is listed as the only 7-star hotel, with prices per room per night (in this case, all are suites) starting at £1,300.

To visit its interior, with a spectacular hall full of luxurious shops, you must be staying at the hotel or have a reservation at one of its restaurants or bars.

#2 Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, at 828 metres high, is double of that of the Empire State Building in New York, and is the highest building in the world.

Built between 2004 and 2010, this colossal building can be seen from over 90 kilometres away and, in addition to the building's record height, it also has the highest observation deck, restaurant and nightclub in the whole world.

To go up to the observation deck, which is located on the 124th and 125th floors, we recommend you book your ticket in advance to avoid the queues and not to risk being left without a place, especially on public holidays and weekends.

#3 Dubai Fountain

After enjoying the views from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, you can take the superfast lift down and watch the water, light, and music show of the fountains located in the lake in front, which has become one of the best things to do in Dubai.

The show takes place every half hour from 6pm to 10pm and each one is different.

#4 Dubai Mall

Once inside the Dubai Mall, you have no choice but to explore the largest and most visited shopping mall in the world, with more than 1,200 shops of all kinds that will delight shopaholics.

Besides having a metro station and a large underground car park, you won't have time to get bored in this immense space, and you can spend a whole day enjoying its shops, restaurants, arcades, cinemas and different attractions such as an ice rink, an aquarium, the popular Gold Souk and even an indoor waterfall.

If you prefer a cosier, more Arabian-style mall, you can cross the lake from the Burj Khalifa and enter the Souk al Bahar.

#5 Dubai Frame

Another of Dubai's most fashionable and newest tourist attractions, opened in 2018, is the Dubai Frame, a spectacular museum that will surprise you with its architecture.

Set in a huge frame 150 metres high by 105 metres wide, the museum offers you a journey through the past, present and future of Dubai through its immense structure that aims to frame all the symbols of the city.

In fact, it's positioned in such a way that on one side you will see the modern part of Dubai and on the other the old part.

The Dubai Frame

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In this article, we talked about the main advantages of reaching Dubai by private jet. In addition, we had a quick look at the best places to visit once you have arrived there.

If you want to discover all the benefits and services we have to offer, feel free to contact us by sending an email. Our staff will be available to you to answer all your questions.

If you rather know about the prices, go to our website and click on the 'Book' button to request a free quote.

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