A Private Jet Charter To Enjoy A Wonderful Holiday Season

Thursday 9 December 2021 Blog, Holidays, Tips & Hints

Looking to see where a private jet charter can take you this Christmas? We have three winter destination packages and answers to common questions you might have for us about the holidays. 

If you don’t see the location you like, Fast Private Jet can take you anywhere to have the best Christmas season.

Common Questions For Private Jet Companies Around The Holidays

Can You Charter a Private Jet On Christmas?

For many businesses, Christmas and New Year’s are the common days they are closed, but what about a Private Jet Company? 

It may vary from company to company, but Fast Private Jet is open 365 days. Private Jet companies may have fewer available flights due to the company’s preference and available team.

Overall Private Jet companies want you to be able to rely on them whenever you need so if you can only book a flight on Christmas day to family or back to work - a private jet company is there for you.

Are There Price Changes Over The Holidays?

Private Jet companies tend to experience higher prices during the holidays due to the high demand and the employees that need to be paid for working during the holidays.

It can vary from company to company, but you might find some that offer flight packages at a lower price or holiday deals.

Can Private Jets Fly In The Snow?

Private Jets are crafted to handle freezing temperatures and snow when the air. The main reason commercial flights get delayed is that the airports are covered in snow and ice. 

Private Jets don’t get as affected by this problem because their airports and landing areas aren’t as big and can be cleared up faster. Now, if the weather is severe to the point that it can affect flying, it becomes unsafe.

Holiday and Winter Destinations

Trying to decide where to go for your picture-perfect holiday? Here are three destination packages that Fast Private Jet has to offer.

The Private Lodges

The Private Lodges

Spend your holiday under the northern lights in Iceland! Fast Private Jet has a private lodge package where you can stay for a minimum of 2 nights at a peaceful private lodge. 

This package is perfect for those who may want to get away from the city’s noise and embrace the private location in nature.

Every lodge includes a spectacular view with multiple luxury activities. Some locations may include a maid, chef, and any other services you might need.

This package offers multiple luxury lodges to choose from that are comforting enough to relax inside but equally encourage you to enjoy the scenery. Spend your holiday appreciating what nature has to offer during the Christmas season.

Octola Private Wilderness

Octola Private Wilderness

Looking for that perfect white Christmas? Take a trip to Finland for a Private Christmas package. Finland is known for the cleanest air and purest water and is flourishing with nature. Don’t miss out on this luxury traveling experience where you get to be private with nature but stay in a luxury cabin.

If you were eager to see those Northern lights, don’t worry because Finland has it all. Octola is a luxury wilderness experience that you can’t get just anywhere.

You have the option to stay at luxury locations and still have instant access to the wilderness once you step outside. 

Octola caters to people who want to vacation in luxury and visit the wilderness. 

Exclusive Winter Ski Experience at Rosa Alpina Hotel

Rosa Alpina Hotel

Take a private jet to The Rosa Alpina and land at Bolzano Airport easily. You may take a helicopter flight directly to the picturesque Italian mountain village of San Cassiano, where the Rosa Alpina Hotel is located, in 22 minutes, or you can take a sleek limo ride, which we will arrange for you as well.

You can be sure to have lovely winter days at a family-run hotel. Included is a renowned 3-Michelin-starred restaurant, expansive spa, and generous accommodations. 

Here it has been a home-away-from-home with snow-covered mountains, shimmering lights, and gently falling snowflakes.

Dine at The Restaurant, which serves a delectable meal in the evening. You'll have plenty of opportunities to unwind in The Spa, which is surrounded by woodland views, throughout your four-night stay.

The snow-covered peaks of the Dolomites provide a magnificent background to winter experiences from December to April.

Rosa Alpina offers the following services to make your ski vacation in this beautiful snow-sport resort as exciting, seamless, and joyful as possible:

A Five nights stay in one Loft Suite for two guests

  • A bottle of Champagne and fruit basket in the accommodation upon arrival 
  • Daily breakfast served in Limonaia 
  • € 300 resort credit to be used in the spa and restaurants, including our St Hubertus ***
  • A four-day 'Dolomiti Superski' ski pass 
  • Four-day ski rental - 4 or 5* carving skis (helmet not included)

Discover our limited-time deal and start planning your winter vacation with Fast Private Jet.

Final Thoughts

Make the most of your Christmas vacation with any of these winter destinations. Each package is perfect if you want to travel alone, with a partner, or with some family members. 

To make things better, your private jet is there to take you to your destination any time of year and especially during the holidays!

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