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Dubai Expo 2020  is a mega event hosted on October 1, 2021, through March 31, 2021. The idea of the event is ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’  through opportunity, mobility, and sustainability.

The Expo 2020 creates a place for innovative individuals to build strong relations with like-minded people. The event also contains private businesses and government institutions to discuss culture, economics, and technology.

Since this Expo is one of the most prestigious events with the most innovative individuals you can’t miss this chance to travel in luxury! Use this opportunity to charter a private jet and maximize your business adventure!

Fast Private Jet is there to enhance your experience but let’s check out what else will be included. 

What to Expect From Dubai Expo 2020

expo sustainability pavilion

As we mentioned, Dubai Expo 2020 is an event to build new ideas for a better world, and it is a place that creates opportunities for innovative people. Aside from networking, you can experience entertainment, dining, and so much more!

Change in Dining

The luxury of this event expands even to your dining options. You get the chance to pick a meal ahead of time before going into some of the most reputable restaurants. Ordering food prior minimizes human contact and maximizes efficiency.

Dining this way allows for a peaceful meal and a chance to see the future of a restaurant experience.

The Emergence of Entertainment and Technology

Throughout your experience at the Expo, you can expect to see unique entertainment connected with technology.

There will be parades and pavilions celebrating the ideas for a better tomorrow!

Theme Weeks

Over the 6 months of the event, there will be 10 themes to explore critical challenges!

Climate & Biodiversity (3 – 9 October 2021)

  • Space (17 – 23 October 2021)
  • Urban & Rural Development (31 October – 6 November 2021)
  • Tolerance & Inclusivity (14 – 20 November 2021)
  • Knowledge & Learning (12 – 18 December 2021)
  • Travel & Connectivity (9 – 15 January 2022)
  • Global Goals (16 – 22 January 2022)
  • Health & Wellness (27 January – 2 February 2022)
  • Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods (17 – 23 February 2022)
  • Water (20 – 26 March 2022)Major Distracts to Explore

There will be multiple pavilions and places to visit, but you will experience three major ones. Don’t forget to travel in style to any part of Dubai by charting a private jet.

Sustainability District: Terra Pavillion

The sustainability district takes a look at international solutions that can be applied to help future generations. You might see anywhere from solar and water systems to more hands-on experiences. You will also walk through rainforests and waterfalls where you can explore the sounds of the amazon.

From there, you have oceans and coral reefs and the current status of each country. Visit the sustainability district to look at how countries manage sustainability through the use of their resources.

Mobility District: Alif Pavilion

The mobility district focuses on the mobility of futuristic vehicles and the latest space exploration.

The Alif pavilion holds a 330-meter long runway that is located underground and in the open air. This is your chance to see future mobility equipment in action with the most significant passenger lift in the world! 

The passenger lift can transport more than 160 people at once, and remember, this is just the beginning for a better tomorrow.

Opportunity District: Mission Possible Pavilion

Finally, we have the Mission Possible Pavillion, a place where ideas can become a reality. Here you will be inspired by innovators with the same goal of creating a better future. 

This Pavilion has already started taking a look at the future by empowering the younger generation.

How to Maximize Your Trip

Now this place may already seem like a whole other world to experience, but how can you maximize your trip?

Charter a Private Jet

charter a private jet

The answer is to travel by private jet to get yourself in the luxury mindset! More specifically, enhance your experience with Fast Private Jet!

Get an experienced personalized to your desires with a team from the technology and luxury sectors. Fast Private Jet has taken business professionals all over the world and can take you on your next trip!

Prepare your mindset for the innovative individuals you will meet with a luxury private jet!

Final thoughts

The Dubai Expo 2020 is truly a breathtaking experience that makes you feel you have entered another world! Enter that world in style by charting a jet with Fast Private Jet!

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