Praetor 600

Wednesday 12 February 2020 Blog

When performance must exceed expectations.

Would you like to charter a private jet, and still don't know which model to choose?

If you want performance and comfort to exceed your expectations, then we strongly recommend that you opt for the Embraer Praetor 600, a business jet that will make your flight experience unique in every respect.

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The Praetor 600 is a private jet combining innovation and simplicity.

Let’s explore the different technological aspects that make this model stand out.

Praetor 600: The cabin control system

One focal point of technology offered by this model is the High-Tech control panels, which allow pilots to keep control of the situation, ensuring the journey is neither turbulent nor any less pleasant than expected.

First and foremost, the pilot will be able to evaluate altitude and other relevant information to optimize the flight phases: each maneuver is then selected based on the data provided by the control console.

An ideal journey, also partly due to another distinguishing technology in the Praetor 600, that is, the ability to control the flight data of the display.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to connect to the console through “Honeywell Ovation Select”, which lets you see all flight information for yourself.

No turbulence during the flight with the Praetor 600

The convenience of chartering a private plane such as the Praetor 600 is also felt by the Fly-by-Wire technology, which involves the structure of the entire aircraft.

It is built with a mix of materials chosen to create a “light take-off”: in other words, you won't even notice your trip has begun, letting you remain completely relaxed while enjoying the full comforts of the jet.

Even in the case of light turbulence due to adverse weather conditions, your journey will be ensured by the highest level of safety.

The Fly-by-Wire function will allow the aircraft to cope with the different air-currents and other similar situations optimally, avoiding air pockets among others.

Traveling with this jet will be an entirely different experience compared to scheduled airline flights.

Comforts of the Praetor 600

Beyond technology: The Praetor jet is ideal for those who must travel for business purposes, and ensures that even a short trip can be defined by the highest level of comfort.

Let's take a look at the various qualities you will enjoy when flying with this private jet.

Comfortable and high-quality interiors

The first point in favor of this jet is the interiors, which stand out as they are made with top quality materials.

More precisely, the new Bossa Nova Premium edition interiors bring the jet to life with an original and luxurious style, and increasing the aesthetic design of the Praetor 600.

The armchairs, completely ergonomic, perfectly know how to welcome passengers. Who can enjoy a journey in total relaxation without any discomfort.

With these features, the journey ahead, even if a long one, will never be bring stress nor lack in comfort.

Latest generation entertainment screen

For those who are used to enjoying a good tv show, and do not want renounce comfort, they will be able to take advantage of the Embraer Enhanced Vision System.

This system gives you access to many programs, with a latest generation screen that lets you view each show uniquely, in every respect.

The color quality, the audio, and all other details are further enhanced with the Enhanced Video System, which lets you interact with the screen intuitively without needing to go through any tedious procedures.

Movies, sporting events, and much more, can be enjoyed in flight as if you were quite at home.

Internet connection and tv shows

The Praetor 600 is equipped with Viasat Ka-band technology, which lets you connect to the internet with speeds up to 16 Mbps.

This gives you the assurance of being able to surf online without interfering with any electronic equipment.

The internet on this jet will not only allow you to browse online, but also to take advantage of IPTV.

Foreign programs, like those of our country, can be viewed easily.

Surely, you will appreciate complete relaxation throughout your journey with your favorite television programs!

Do you want to travel with this private jet?

Good choice. It is part of the Fast Private Jet fleet, and you can contact us about its availability or charter your flight autonomously on our site!

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