Post lockdown plane charter: it's official, China reopens for private flights

Monday 29 June 2020 Blog, Tips & Hints

China reopens to charter flights from eight countries: Italy is among them!

An excellent news for charter flights from Italy to China: the Republic of China finally reopens flights by private jet from eight countries, and among these there is Itay.

This was to be expected, as private flights allow China to revive the economy after the lockdown. Furthermore, in Italy the contagions from Coronavirus are in sharp decline, therefore it can be one of the few states elected for the reopening. We can finally give you the official news: now, if you want to book a private charter jet for China with the best prices, you can again rely on us at Fast Private Jet.

But let's see in details the program of the Republic of China regarding charter flights.

Green Channel: China reopens to private flights from Italy and 7 other countries.

During the lockdown we saw the total blockage of flights to and from all over the world. It all depended on the pandemic. In recent months several countries, including Italy, seem to be recovering well.

And in order to give a boost to the slow economy for several months now, China has started a program called the Green Channel. This program is a real preferential lane for private jet flights to China and affects 8 countries. Here are the following:

  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • France
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Switzerland

Announced by the Civil aviation administration of China (Caac), the Green Channel is the first big step to finally unlock international charter flights.

How do private plane flights to China work after the lockdown?

The Green Channel program is well-organized in order to avoid return infections (not surprisingly, at least for the moment, it includes very few countries). The Civil aviation administration of China has established that companies will be able to apply for entry into the country and obtain authorization - or any denial - following rigorous checks.

The checks are carried out so that a further wave of contagions could be avoided as far as possible, which would lead to a new closure of the borders. The People's Republic of China had in fact closed all international flights (including business flights) since the end of March 2020 precisely to prevent damage from repeated virus spread.

Now, given the low number of infections in the countries chosen for the Green Channel, it is time to strengthen economic and commercial exchanges again. however, we should not expect a reckless reopening: the number of flights is limited, even if a large demand for flights to China is expected (especially as regards business trips postponed until now). So the Dragon could increase the number of expected entrances. Li Jian, CAAC vice president, said that the increase in flights could become a reality provided that any imported Coronavirus cases are kept under control.

The approved flights in June will be 407 per week, so they have more than tripled compared to the previous 134: it's the right time to organize your business flight to China as soon as possible!

Charter flights to China: book now with Fast Private Jet

We can organize the perfect flight for your needs from destinations approved by the Green Channel program. With Fast Private Jet you can leave from Italy, but also from the United Kingdom, France and other locations according to your needs, and arrive in China with the best private jets in operation.

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With these business jets you will enjoy maximum comfort during your trip to China and you can fly with your work colleagues in total relaxation.

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Don't wait any longer. As you have read, flights to China are limited!

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