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Thursday 6 February 2020 Blog

Pilatus PC-24: the characteristics and peculiarities of this magnificent aircraft.

Are you considering chartering a private jet? Just so you know, after reading this article you will probably choose the Pilatus PC-24, a super compact and efficient aircraft, perfect for business trips.

Let's start with the presentations right away.

The historical date that marked the success of the Pilatus PC-24.

Monday the 6th of May 2019, is a date that you will soon find in the history books.

"Fantastic, the plane behaves exactly as advertised," shouted pilot Damien Heath, enthusiastically.

Enthusiasm had taken over the people present that day, with their eyes on the sky, living the dream of witnessing a historic enterprise.

The city of Kingoonya is a small habited nucleus in the center of southern Australia with a permanent population of only twelve people. That day, however, it was a beating heart with thousands of emotions brought about by the extraordinary performance of the Pilatus PC-24.

"Before the flight, we examined all aspects of the landing and the subsequent maneuvers on the runway. Our biggest concern was the tight curves required at the end, but our concerns were unfounded. Even on the softer edges of the strip we left no traces in the earth. Incredible! " Described Damien Heath.

On this historic date, the first landing on unpaved ground by a customer aboard the PILATUS - PC 24 occurred. More than ten years of design by Pilatus culminated in this unmatched undertaking.

An idea, a vision, a dream destined to become reality and to rewrite the fate of this industry, projecting it to its revolution.

What does it signify? Access to over 21,000 airports, twice the number of paved runways that can be used by similar aircraft.

A super-fast, versatile, comfortable, and extra-luxurious flying car.

This is the miracle brought about by Pilatus. "No other business jet has similar features," claims the manufacturer.

This extraordinary Jet, considered the complementary version of the PC-12 first launched in the 90s, is renowned in the industry as one of the most versatile models ever designed.

It can perform a multitude of functions, and operate flawlessly for different ends.

As described by pilot Damien Heath, it was even designed by the manufacturer to land on uneven surfaces. It can be used on unpaved, semi-prepared, and grass runways.

In the desolate town of Kingoonya, the name of this marvelous Jet will remain engraved in stone, for centuries.

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Pilatus PC-24: when salvation comes from heaven.

Usually when a masterpiece comes about, others do not stand in its way, and the Royal Flying Doctor Service ordered a PC-24 to carry out rapid medical evacuations and hospital transfers.

What are we talking about? A hospital air ambulance service created to help the inhabitants of the most remote Australian regions. This Jet, with its maximum speed of around 800km / h, is able to cover the longest distances in the shortest possible time. As if made for the job.

Its ability to land on short, irregular tracks and its incredible speed, make it a veritable life-saving transport. One of the safest and most efficient aircraft ever created.

"For our first Twinjet, we wanted to ensure that the PC-24 had the latest avionics and technology to provide pilots with the safest flight experience possible," said Oscar J. Schwenk, president of Pilatus.

The plane is already the safest means of travel, and here, we are looking at one of the safest models of aircraft.

The engines are mounted on the upper part in the rear section of the fuselage, to prevent damage from foreign objects during operations on unprepared runways. A warranty.

Imagine a Ferrari tested for maximum driving safety, used as an ambulance with the ability to park anywhere. That and, bear with me, due to its record speed: the aircraft halves the flight time on the organization’s main routes.

Announcing the decision to buy this Jet, Lynch, CEO of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, described the incredible functionality of this flying Ferrari, admitting that the aircraft, in addition to reducing the flight time for long-range patients, would be able to transfer three patients on stretchers together with medical staff, from Adelaide to any capital in Australia without refueling.

With its 2,000 nautical miles (3,704 kilometers), the PC-24 is much less expensive to maintain than other similarly sized aircraft. Perhaps the comparison with a Ferrari is starting to make sense.

The Royal Flying Australian Doctor Service decided to "adopt" this jewel 24 hours a day, every day, ready for take-off in case of extreme recovery missions for medical emergencies in every corner of Australia.

Imagining any mass disaster, let’s you truly appreciate the efficiency of this medium. Imagine the lives saved. Welcome to the future.

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A vision beyond the field of private jets

What happens when an idea is already a winner, and you try to perfect it? What happens when you created a great project, and want to go further?

After a success beyond measure of the PC-12, Pilatus decided to collect feedback from its customers to build a complementary aircraft and expand its offer.

What would happen if the best Chef you've ever known, asked his fans for the extra ingredients to improve on his best and most famous dish, and with that, made it perfect?

Imagine adding the magic touch that only those of the highest class can mold.

From this magic touch, the Pilatus PC-24 was born. A work of art that put Pilatus out of the market for the first three years, because the "stocks were sold out" even before the launch.

This extraordinary project, costing more than 500 million Swiss francs, was a resounding success. The numbers speak for themselves, as they say, and numbers never lie.

In May 2014, Pilatus began accepting PC-24 orders.

The company announced that it received 84 reservations in the first 36 hours, with related advances of US $ 250,000. These orders accounted for the first three years of production, and to avoid backlog, the manufacturer was forced to suspend orders.

Just think of the queues outside shops when every new iPhone comes out. People sleeping in front of the front door, to claim the first purchase, and when they open up shop, the sheer frenzy to reach the shelves; customers running over each other. Probably that gives you a clear idea.

Pilatus PC-24: flying is an art.

Comfort and functionality, accompany luxury in the interior.

The cabin is designed to provide first-class accommodation for passengers, and yet: comfort and luxury are nothing without customization.

This is exactly what the Pilatus PC-24 offers: interior reconfiguration. You can arm yourself with boundless imagination, and use your touch of personal class, to make your flight experience even more unforgettable: the fuselage of the aircraft is designed to facilitate rapid reconfiguration.

The seats can be placed or removed in minutes.

The cabin’s flexible features allow a wide range of configurations:

  • One with six seats, including a considerably large luggage area,
  • A "combi" version, with four seats and a large surface for you to use
  • A version without seats, with the cabin entirely dedicated to transporting goods.

Customers who have opted for the PC-24 include both prestigious fleet operators and individuals of international standing such as Peter Brabeck, chairman of Nestlé's board of directors, to name just one.

Welcome to the future

Extreme comfort, versatility, super-speed, and doubled landing capacity. The history of air transport has just been rewritten.

In 2019, at the height of the technology revolution, in an age described by the most skilled of science fiction writers, this new model of aircraft entered forcefully into our reality, distorting the collective imagination.

Extremely useful for hospital services, the PC-24 is a work of art that would challenge even the minds of the most imaginative directors, in describing the future we are venturing into.

Born from the perfection of the PC-12 masterpiece, this model was brought about to satisfy the perfectionist's vision.

A versatile tool that performs the most disparate functions. Perfect for the pilot, ideal for the passenger. It makes life easier for those who fly it, ensuring the flight experience is safer than ever.

It takes in the traveler's creativity, with the ability to change the interior.

Indulge your senses in full comfort and relaxation.

Save lives.

We are not in a science fiction novel; we are in real life. We are pushing the boundaries of imagination. Let’s declare it from a dream, not a movie, a dream into reality.

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