The Multiple Ways to Flying With Pets

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You never want to leave your pet behind during your travels, but there are many factors to consider before booking a flight. The best way to prepare is to make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date then you want to train your pet to stay in a crate. Next, you want to check with your airline or private jet!
Now let’s talk about how you and your pet can travel. 

Flying with pets: Two ways to travel with your furry friend

Prices, accommodations, and requirements may have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from the changes, airlines offer two ways your pet can travel.  

Traveling onboard means that your pet can be with you in your seat or a crate under your seat. But, of course, the crate is only big enough for flying with small dogs or cats. So if you have a larger pet, they will most likely have to travel by cargo. 

Traveling onboard will vary from the airline because there are fees and breed restrictions. Many airlines might limit the number of pets allowed on each flight, so it’s best to check in earlier. For example, United Airlines allows small dogs and cats for $125 but does not allow any dogs that are considered Pitbulls. 

Flying cargo
Flying cargo means your animal might be too big for being on board. Your animal will have to be in the cargo area which holds the luggage and other objects that need to be transported. Rules will also vary from airline due to the stress it can cause on an animal. 

The takeoff and being in a crate for so long can cause stress, so the AVMA suggests that pets become “familiar with being in a crate for an extended period.” In addition, training your animal will help reduce stress. 

Also, you can ask your pet’s vet if they think your pet is suitable for flying. The vet may have some concerns you want to touch base on before flying. 

Types of pets that can travel

The types of pets I will be discussing are more of their role that they provide, such as service animals. Traveling with pets refers to flying with a dog or flying with a cat. Occasionally you will see birds, but any species beyond a dog, cat, and bird will have to be checked by the airline. 

Service Animal
A service animal is defined as an animal trained to perform tasks for a person with a disability. For example, the Americans with Disabilities National Network specifically refers to highly trained dogs that can retrieve dropped items or remind someone to take their medication.

The DOT decided that airlines are allowed to require a form “attesting to a service animal’s health, behavior, and training,” preferably 48 hours in advance. 

Emotional Support Animal
Emotional support animals are pets that are prescribed by a licensed mental health professional. A pet can help with anxiety, depression, and even loneliness. 

Requirements for emotional support animals are different and will most likely have a fee. 

Psychiatric Service Animal
Now a Psychiatric Service Dog is trained to “detect the onset of psychiatric episodes and lessen their effects,” according to the ADA National Network. 

The tasks can look like reminding someone to turn on the lights or take their medication. Airlines are required to treat psychiatric service animals as service animals, so there is no fee. 

How to travel by Private Jet

Traveling by private jet will vary on the services, but they will typically travel with you in the aircraft cabin. Most companies view it as accommodating to the comfort and needs of the pets and prefer a less traumatic experience. 

Depending on the company, there might be no limitations to the number of pets you can travel with.

Always check with the private jet company to see if you are missing any documentation, but it will typically include the following: 

  • Pet Passport
  • Fit for travel animal health certificate
  • Valid vaccinations
  • Microchip documentation (varies)

Experience with Fast Private Jet

Treat your pet to a stress-free journey with a fast private jet experience. We spoil both you and your pet with appetizers and cozy armchairs.

The possible risks with Airlines

With airlines, there are many limitations, and the risk of traveling by cargo can be dangerous. Many animals will experience breathing problems in the stressful environment of being in the cargo. When pets travel with the airplane’s cargo, they are also at high risk of in-flight suffocation. 

Many animals that travel often are use to it, but overall it might not be worth the risk. 

Be at peace knowing that your pet is with you by your side to enjoy the Fast Private Jet experience! 

Final Thoughts

We hope you find the best option for you and your pet. It is an important decision, so it is going to take some research. Don’t forget to communicate with the vet to see anything else you should be aware of.

With Fast Private Jet, We are ready to help you at all hours of the day and night, 7 days a week.

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