Most scenic airports in the world

Monday 8 October 2018 Blog

In terms of traveling long distances, flying on an airplane is the fastest and easiest way to get to your destination. The only problem is that flat, smooth runways aren't always available in certain places. This means that pilots have to get and extra training, in order to land safely on a runway that juts out from a mountain, one that appears in a narrow valley, or one suspended over the sea. Sure, sounds dangerous…. But the view and the place itself pay off the discomfort and make it worth it. Here is our ranking list of the 10 thrill and most scenic airports in the world.

Ready for the challenge? All of them are reachable with a private jet, that makes your journey classier and more comfortable, with a safety level as high as commercial airline. Specific and periodical training is taken from private jet pilots, who are more likely to cope with thrilled destination thanks to the nature of the business aviation.

Nothing is left behind, pilots always take a refresh on the procedure before performing the flight, and, as always, they follow the rules regarding weight and balance, fuel and speed. Assistance from ground to private jets is also present and ready to react at any time. Fast Private Jet only collaborates with worldwide-known operators.

Have a look at the pictures and get inspired!

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