The Most Popular Private Jet Routes According to Fast Private Jet

Friday 17 September 2021 Blog, Tips & Hints, Top Destinations

Covid-19 took a toll on every sort of traveling since the world was shut down. Countries were quarantined, and many people missed out on traveling for work, visiting families, honeymoons, etc.

Traveling by plane has opened up for some time now, but covid is still around. Flying by private jet is not only a safer option, but it is also a unique experience.

Charter a private jet to get the most out of your flight with personalized flying. 

According to Fast Private Jet, the trips taken in the past six months have mainly been within Europe. Let’s take a look at some of the popular routes.

1. Popular Cities in Italy


Book chartered flights to Europe to visit multiple locations like Italy! Italy especially went through a lot during Covid, so it was unfortunate that the world missed out on all the beautiful characteristics.

Now that the world has opened back, it’s not surprising that people want to explore Italy.

Some popular cities are Milan, Napoli, Olbia, and Roma. Each of these destinations holds beautiful architecture to view from the sky and take you anywhere you want to go in Italy.

2. Milan, Italy - Paris, France


Travel to the capital of fashion and design with some of the most high-end restaurants and shops in Milan, Italy then take a trip to Paris, France. 

Paris, France as we know, is another fashion destination with designer shops and chic cafes.

This route is perfect for creative people that have an interest in fashion and can appreciate the destination. This route is also a perfect trip for business fashion and a romantic trip.

3. Capetown, South Africa - Maldives


If you want to book jet routes outside of Europe, this one is perfect for you. Travel to the coast of South Africa to view the table mountain from the air as you are flying.

Capetown is a city known for its harbor and geography which is amazing to see on your flight in.

Tourists enjoy the coastline, lakes, and farmlands, and is perfect for those who can appreciate nature and rural areas. This trip isn’t for those who are looking for prominent cities and more urban areas.

From there, you can take a trip to South Asia to view the stunning independent island known as the Maldives, located in the north-central Indian ocean. Heading into the Maldives, you get a beautiful view of the island, clear blue waters and white sands adding to your luxurious experience. 

This route is perfect for luxury retreats and vacations. It is doubtful to have a business meeting, but if you do at least, you can relax after.

4. Italy - Ibiza, Spain


Take your trip from traveling around Italy to Ibiza.

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It's also well known for its lively nightlife and oddly home to quiet villages and yoga retreats. So there seems to be something for everyone!

Ibiza also holds some stunning hotels with shops and bars. Throughout the land, there are also pine-clad hills around the coast. 

5. Nice, France - Ibiza, Spain


Another popular route is traveling from Nice, France, to Ibiza. 

Nice is located in the French Riviera on the southeast coast of France which makes Nice very unique from the other places in France. 

The town sits on top of the castle hill and looks out into the Mediterranean Sea. This route is a perfect trip to appreciate some fine wine and local dishes. Or you can take advantage of their famous nightlife.

From there, either calm down with relaxing villages in Ibiza or carry the party there to continue the nightlife adventures.

6. Mykonos, Greece - Italy


Our final route is from Mykonos to Italy! Mykonos has breathtaking blue waters and not to mention the architecture of the town. Mykonos is popular during the summertime which is perfect for clubbing and a trip with friends.

Mykonos also holds luxurious hotels often seen on social media, perfect for vacations, honeymoons, and romantic getaways.

Final thoughts

Overall the most popular routes have been mainly in Europe. For flights operated by Private Jet in the past 6 months or summer 2021; there is just every type of location for everyone. However, there were other operated destinations taken like: Romania, Slovakia, Panama, Tel Aviv-Israel California, USA. 

If you like fashion and city life, there are so many places to see and there are also destinations on the coast that are unbelievable from your jet.

Wherever you go, these places are filled with beautiful scenery and culture that enhances your private jet experience. Fast Private Jet operates 24/7 worldwide so you can book your travels at any time.

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