The Most Incredible Places In The World That Can Be Discovered By Private Jet

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The opportunity to explore is an exciting endeavour that will wild the imagination and stimulate your mind.

A world traveller is seeking to pitch pennies to backpacks across Europe, an academic scholar inspired to discover the best architectural sites in Africa. 

It is no longer in the past; it’s possible and reasonable to achieve, to travel in luxury and safety on a private jet to these exciting destinations. 

1. Australia and New Zealand

Australia is home to unique and distinct wildlife globally and offers one of the best arrivals for private jets.

The opportunity to travel and witness animals such as kolas, dingos, and Tasmanian devils at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary located in Tasmania.

Or, if you find you have a more investigative nature, learn further about the Tasmanian tiger’s folklore and myth. 

As well as New Zealand, with the rich culture and history of the Māori people, descendants of the indigenous eastern Polynesian people of the mainland share a vast array of food and culture. 

World-famous photographers have shot masterpieces of scenic attractions, such as Purakaunui Waterfalls, St Clairs Beach-Dunedin, Purakaunui Waterfalls, and Church of the Good Shepherd. 

These locations are listed as the most photogenic places to visit, and just as Australia, the aquatic sea life between both countries in the Tasman Sea will take your breath away. 

Private Jet flights are a popular option for New Zealand and Australian tours connecting the two countries. 

Fly in complete comfort and style in upscale accommodations while chasing your dreams and encountering incredible places in the world reached by a private jet. 

2. Paro, Kingdom of Bhutan

If you are inquiring about a more spiritual awakening or a relaxing adventure, with lots of education and culture of the Kingdom of Bhutan; this destination is perfect for you; enjoy white water rafting and tranquillity that only nature can bring. 

Gain enlightenment and direction about your spiritual journey with an intimate conversation with local monks to learn about Buddhism. 

Charter flights to reach this sanctuary are complicated but possible, with the international airport being one of the most dangerous in the world. 

The pilots who train to fly here are the most talented in the business, navigating this small kingdom nestled between the Himalayan mountains.

The flying complexities faced by commercial airport flights, for example, travel permits, are solved ahead of time, are some accommodations of flying private. 

Documentation is also significant and vital for this destination in this remote, peaceful country. 

Travelling to Bhutan as a spiritual pilgrimage against the beauty of the mountains and trees will bring you to a unique position in your life.

3. Central and South America 

Travelling to Central and South America has become alluring and attracts many tourists seeking to breathe the fresh, crisp mountain air, including to brush up on their Spanish language skills. 

Countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Peru and so forth have something for everyone. 

Chile is famous for its wine, Easter Island with its exciting history, and scenery and native animals like penguins. 

The best natural landscape in Chile is Patagonia, shared by Argentina divided by the Andes mountains.

It’s beautiful European influenced San Carlos de Bariloche with Swiss influenced architecture and rich chocolate sold by Swiss-inspired shops, Argentina.

In this region, summer and winter meet and wrap around the Rio Negro providence is a lush and inviting forest for hiking and adventures. 

Charter flights have more than enough superiority at commercial and private locations in Argentina and any other Central American country for the most extraordinary level of extravagance and efficiency. The same applies to renting a car, if you prefer to travel by land, it is quite realistic to travel around Central America, but it will take longer. 

4. Africa

Ending this list is one of the most spectacular places on earth. 

A wildlife ecosystem, fun and compelling as Australia and its indigenous population, just as captivating, will bring astonishment and awe. 

Including geography that exhibits archaeological history and findings attracts tourists, anthropologists, archaeologists, and thrill-seekers alike.

From Zanzibar island of Tanzanian, discover the white beaches and the 15th-century palace ruins of the Sultans and his family until the 19th century. 

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania gives the explorer the best safari experience, with a fantastic up close and personal look with zebras, giraffes, and other animals native to the plains of Africa. 

Lastly, travel to Egypt with the Pyramids of Giza and the Nile river with ancient history and the long sand dunes and African heat. 

This large continent has many various places to travel and see. 

The availability of private jet travel to Africa is plentiful, and all flights leave all the major cities. 

Final Thoughts 

Flying private is a luxurious and fantastic experience to travel to exciting parts of the world. 

When you plan your first holiday after travel restrictions, expand your thinking and decide to travel to places you long to dream of. 

Educate yourself on the cultures and religions. 

The world has a lot to offer, and taking a charter will allow you to seek the adventure that suits your peculiar journey. 

From a spiritual awakening to following history clues, curiosity, and refreshing your language skills, book a flight.   

Fast Private Jets is an exceptional choice for private jet charter, with all these beautiful locations within reach. 

Take a chance and reach out to the top private jet company in Europe and follow your dreams.

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