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Thursday 6 February 2020 Blog

Chartering a private jet could bring a fundamental edge to your business, given the enormous advantages it allows over a traditional airline flight.But among the various offers presented on the market, it is not always easy to choose the right Jet for your next flight. This is why we created a “mini guide”, in order to let you better evaluate which aircraft is perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Private jets, between exclusivity and maximum use: the importance of the right choice.

When you hear of chartering a private jet, you cannot help but think of exclusivity, and quality of service.Traveling with an aircraft of our fleet is a unique experience, which allows you to fly in comfort, in luxury, and with elegance. This does not mean that the charter of a private jet is only accessible to those who have very high financial resources.

With new technologies and the construction of increasingly efficient aircraft, the costs of chartering a private jet have been reduced, and offers have exponentially increased. More and more companies are deciding to take advantage of this, also favoring services such as the group charter, which arranges for more people to be transported on a single corporate flight, with costs approaching those of scheduled flights.

The world of jet chartering is adapting perfectly to the new economic and commercial realities. Knowing how to choose the most suitable jet, can be very important to ensure a good investment.

The mini guide for choosing the right private jet for your needs

The evaluation of the right private jet, is best carried out by taking into consideration a series of parameters when contacting your charter broker, Fast Private Jet. With these indications and our experience, you will travel on the jet most suited for your needs.

Here, first, are the questions you will need to ask yourself to truly guide you to choose what is best for your needs.

What is my budget?

The expense of chartering a private jet has always been an important parameter that can influence you on your decision of the type of plane. 

Before contacting us or booking a flight independently, it is important to establish what investment you, or your company, would like to make for the journey.

This is necessary in all companies, both in the case of companies with unrestricted funds, and those where more careful attention must be paid to monthly expenses.

Which destination do I need to reach?

Among the substantial differences that make private jets preferable over scheduled flights, there is the possibility of being able to reach any destination… with the advantage of getting as close as possible to where you need to be. Without having to follow a crowded flight with an exhausting journey by car.

The destination will affect the type of aircraft you need to consider. Each aircraft is built with specific technology affecting its range, the number of passengers it can carry and, in particular, the distance it can travel. You must therefore consider flight autonomy.

The term indicates the aircraft's ability to remain in altitude for a number of miles, before being forced to land and refuel. That said, if you need to reach short distances below 2,000 km, you can choose to opt for a compact model with a limited number of seats.

In the opposite case, it is advisable to charter a larger private plane with a greater capacity. Of course, smaller aircraft can also land to refuel, but this will have an impact on your budget, as well as on the time it will take to reach your destination.

How many people will travel with me?

If you are to travel alone the choice is simple, as, (once the investment and destination have been decided), you can opt for a smaller aircraft.

If instead, you should find yourself needing to charter for a large number of people, there are pros and cons to consider.

Firstly, you will have to opt for a larger aircraft, with a greater investment.

However, if you make the right choice, the costs will be proportionately lowered. Due to a series of services allowing your total cost per person to equal that of an airline ticket.

Based on the number of seats, the jet categories divide into:

  • 4/5 passengers: very light jet models, representing the smallest private jets;
  • 6/8 seats: slightly larger versions, defined as light and midsize jets;
  • 8/12 passengers: these aircraft have a medium capacity, are very useful for transporting small groups, and also provide more flight autonomy;
  • 12/19 seats: these models are defined as heavy jet and ultra long range, and combine a large transport capacity with a high flight autonomy;
  • 18/30 seats: these larger models are aircraft outwardly similar to those of airliners, but with VIP features. They can carry up to 30 passengers;
  • up to 40 passengers: if your need is to transfer a company group of more than 30 people, models with an even greater capacity are also available.

In how much time should I reach my destination?

For any business man, managing time properly is a necessity. As it tends to equate to greater profit.

If you have decided to charter a private jet, it is because you want to buy time: avoiding a queue at check-in, the departure is personalized in agreement with charter company, and having access to models of aircraft that offer you the ability to fly at higher altitudes.

Almost all types of aircraft are very fast, allowing you to reach your destination faster than with a traditional scheduled flight.

If time is your rival, then your choice lies among private jets built to combine comfort and speed, very advantageous if you must attend a scheduled business trip one day, return to your office after just a few hours.

Why do I need a private jet?

Depending on the type of journey you will need to take, the interior layout of your jet will be important. Among the different models of each category, you will have the opportunity to choose the configuration of the cabin.

An example can be useful. If you need to travel a distance to go to a convention, or a show, it could be enough to enjoy a cabin with all comforts, that will let you rest and relax throughout the journey.

Do you need to reach a business meeting with your colleagues, and continue working through the presentation or report?

Then a cabin with tables, a circular seating arrangement, and multimedia systems can be a more suited to your trip.

Private Jet

How much luggage can I take?

Traveling involves spending time outside the comfort of your own home. This is why you will almost always carry certain objects and a change of clothing in your suitcase, which depending on the number of days, will be more or less voluminous.

If you need to book an individual trip, or for just a few people, the question of luggage may not be a parameter to consider.

This is not the case when you find yourself travelling with a large business group. Each aircraft has a specific capacity for passengers, and a relative weight capacity in regards to luggage. The larger models certainly have more capacity.

What services do I need?

The last question you need to ask yourself is about the services you would like to have on board your private jet.

Comfort is characterized by factors ranging from the type of seats, to the technological equipment integrated, to the inclusion of an area to serve food or drinks throughout the journey with crew.

Not all models offer this reality, which can be essential if you travel for a longer distance.

If you want to maximize the comfort of your trip, it may be more convenient to choose an aircraft combining these specific features.

To conclude

The moment you decide to charter a jet, the answers to these questions can be useful to not only have a clear idea of the model you need, but also to save time when you contact us for the charter.

If you have any further doubts, even on the choice of aircraft, at Fast Private Jet we can resolve them in no time!

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