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Have you ever wondered what it is like to travel with a luxury private jet? Flying via private jet charter means traveling with a dedicated aircraft, in complete comfort, avoiding long waits at check-in, and taking advantage of a tailored experience.

Is it really possible to fly by private jet even if you don't own one?

Fortunately, yes!

Nowadays, traveling by private jet charter is routine for many.

Counting among our regular customers, are business men and entrepreneurs, and more: all owing to the fact that booking a private jet has become incredibly simple and efficient.

All you have to do is define your flight schedule, then request an online quote, evaluate the costs, conclude the transaction, and take off!

It is a tailored service designed to provide the best customer experience. Everything is prepared with dedication, with the goal of guaranteeing a seamless experience and complete satisfaction.

What distinguishes a luxury private jet?

There are various types of private jets, and for all types the most important factor remains; quality:

1. Quality of the pre and post flight service

2. Interior cabin quality and attention to detail

3. Flight experience quality

4. Quality of travel

Trust us, with regards to quality, there are luxury jets out there that will really surprise you!

5 models of luxury private jets ... the existence of which you will hardly believe

It would seem many aircraft owners get carried away with extravagant ideas. Here follow some of the most original features:

  • The ever-present AIRBUS 380: besides being very expensive, it stands out for its fine interiors, unique features, and considerable dimensions to say the least. This fantastic model in particular, includes a wellness room, and a room with a large floor-mounted screen reproducing the areas over-flown in real time. In addition to these images, it is even possible to experience perfumes and sounds ... But… surely it stops here? No, the AIRBUS 380 even has its own stage for private concerts!
  • The Gulfstream G650, valued at $ 65 million, is an extremely unique jet. It was designed primarily for government officials and celebrities. This luxurious aircraft is capable of reaching record speeds. But do you know the best part? Entertainment, light, and even temperature are designed to be managed directly from the passenger’s smartphones while on board!
  • The Embraer Legacy 500, a private jet worth $ 20 million: the cabin is upholstered in fine leather, while the floors are covered with precious carpets and dazzling stones. Unbridled luxury and refinement, definitively make this model unique!


  • The Bombardier Global 7000 was designed for long-distance travel and is valued at $ 70 million. Why is it so unique? Its cabin can be configured to suit both passengers needs and preference. For example, if guests want to spend some time enjoying a refined dinner, of course: in a short time, the space will become a complete dining room. This is not the only option: the cabin can transform into a working cinema!
  • Embraer Lineage 1000E, is yet another luxurious and astonishing private jet! This $ 53 million aircraft can be equipped with a spacious bedroom and shower. Those who are more daring, you can choose the Kyoto garden-style interiors and its extraordinary skylights, incredible isn't it?

Owning one of the aircraft listed above is a real treasure!

But if you’re not ready to spend a fortune, you can opt for the charter of a private jet, a perfect travel solution for your business or leisure.

Chartering a private jet

Reaching the plane right before take-off and being able to relax is a convenience that, (fortunately), is becoming increasingly accessible through booking private jets.

As a means used purely by those who need to travel for business reasons. Private jets focus on fast travel, and in the least stressful way possible.

However, while we discuss the possibility of traveling to European or non-European locations in a short time: don't forget you can also choose multiple destinations to reach in one day!

The requests we receive are constantly growing and the market for private flights has definitely changed.

Would you have ever imagined being able to book a private flight, from the comfort of your home, at a competitive price?

Offers, empty legs, private flights: it is really easy to rent a private jet in a short time through your computer or smartphone.

What are you waiting for? Take the advantage of private jet charters: click here to request a free quote!

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