Private Jets Are More Accessible Than Ever: How To Hire for Families

Friday 13 August 2021 Blog, Family, Tips & Hints

Private jet charter is more attainable than once believed; not only is it a valuable form of travel for the most luxurious experience. 

Families are opting to spend their money elsewhere, especially when you can get upscale service and safety outside commercial flights.

Let’s spend a little time discussing how families can enjoy the accessibility of hiring a private jet.

Why Are Private Jets An Option For Families?

A published report and study released data on the benefits of travel in a private jet. Charting a luxury jet is not only the future; it can keep you and your family safe while you travel. 

Let’s go over how a luxury jet hire is what families deserve and need in their lives. 

The flexibility of a private jet charter is a great option when it comes to time and planning a family holiday on a whim. 

Commercial flights have strict schedules; you risk missing a flight or, worst, being there too early with young children. 

The private jet has the flexibility to wait for you whether you are stuck in traffic or had a late start piling the kids in the car. 

Another bonus, if you want to plan a last-minute family holiday, availability will be on your side.

Here are a few more reasons private jets are accessible

Fewer restrictions on luggage; when passengers have young children and need to bring more luggage than usual. 

You control the temperature; no more bringing several blankets as you would for a commercial flight to keep kids warm. 

Entertainment, this is a big one! Private jets have onboard entertainment systems to help your busy family have an exciting and joyful flight. 

How to Hire A Private Jet?  

It’s lovely how the modern demand has increased for flying a private jet; the accessibility has reached even to middle and high middle class earning families. 

Flying commercial airlines have enough negatives and positives, but it is beyond priceless when it comes to having peace of mind when flying private. 

The first job to charter a jet for your family’s holiday is to decide whether you would like to hire a charter broker or do everything independently. 

Once that decision occurs, learn about the different types of charters that will fit your budget. 

For example, you have the option to pay for your flight or trip in total, which is called a “pay on per flight” basis. 

That is an excellent option if you only see yourself and your family flying on occasion, for example, family holidays. 

For the most consumer conscious flyer, seeking a membership or affiliate program is another excellent way to get you into the sky. 

This charter is what you expect for a membership, fees applied monthly, yearly, and or in addition to the maintenance of any other costs associated with the private jet itself. 

Before You, Fly Consider This

Once you have considered how you will move forward with the private charter booking process, get accustomed to using an estimator on the private jet charter website. 

While using the private jet charter estimator, you can research costs, convenient destinations and fully understand the terminology and jargon about the type of jets you need for you and your family. 

Whether with a charter broker, booking agents, or booking online through the luxury private jet company’s website. 

You have to discuss your destination and prearrangement of transportation to transport you back and forth. 

The positive thing is that the private jet company should be able to arrange transportation on request, but with the details of your schedule, you must be a detailed Individual.   

Most private jet companies are positioned worldwide to help with the ease and convenience of travel. 

Suppose you decide to go with a charter broker specialized in flying families around the world.

 In that case, they will be able to assist with the correct size of the aircraft, accommodations to keep your family entertained, and assistance to arrive at your holiday home with minor interruptions or issues.

The Costs 

The costs are the essential detail of chartering a private jet if choosing the best option. 

With this in mind, there will always be ways to cut the cost and give you few options. 

Calculations of Costs

  • Turboprop estimates about $1,900 to $3,000 per hour / 6 guests
  • Mid-Size jet estimates $4,000 to $8,000 per hour  / 9 guests
  • Larger jet $8,000 to $13,000 per hour /  14 - 19 guests 

If you believe the costs are out of your price range, there are ways to lower the estimated expenses entirely. 

Saves On Costs

  • Divide the costs with larger families or add more passengers.
  • Empty leg flights are when the jet is empty; the costs are lower.
  • Fly on a last-minute flight or have chosen a more flexible schedule time.

When using the website, this is possible when estimating your cost or choosing the flight that fits your family. 

When you pay for your charter, you are paying for the service of the pilots and staff, entertainment, onboard facilities, maintenance of the aircraft, and so forth. 

While using the private jet charter estimator, you can research private jet hire prices, convenient destinations and fully understand the terminology and lingo about the type of jets you need for you and your family. 

Fly off into the Sunset

Once you have learned how to charter your flight without a charter broker, you will realise it’s a simple process. 

You will enjoy the great feeling of the privacy and space that you will become accustomed to flying in complete luxury. 

Try booking a charter with Fast Private Jet, and you and your family will have a fantastic holiday. 

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