How much does a private jet consume?

Tuesday 22 October 2019 Blog

Are you wondering how much fuel a private jet charter can consume, perhaps because you would like to book a flight at a convenient fare?

In this text we’d like to answer your question and beyond it, analyze different types of private jets comparing their hourly fuel consumption.

To get a good overview, we will take the most popular models in circulation as examples.

Whether it's for a privately-owned aircraft or a chartered jet, knowing fuel consumption is absolutely essential!

Calculation of a private jet’s fuel consumption

In order to calculate the consumption of a private jet, we must also take into consideration the cost of fuel; which can vary depending on the type of trip and the flight’s course.

Basing ourselves on the average jet speed, the duration of the flight is calculated and with it, an estimate of fuel costs can be obtained.

When it comes to chartering a private jet, it should be noted that fuel costs are already within the price.

This will usually already be calculated according to the flight time estimated.

To give you a clear and precise idea, we will evaluate the consumption of liters /hour of the aircraft so as to compare the different models more efficiently.

Let's take as our first example the famous Eclipse 550, a "very light jet", known to be extremely efficient and economical.

In terms of consumption, this private jet is at the forefront and marked the beginning of a new generation of jets: it consumes only 224 liters of fuel per hour.

In this case it is very easy to see why its operating costs are low and why the cost of this aircraft is highly competitive.

With an autonomy of over 2,000 km, the Eclipse 550 is capable of offering excellent performance when compared with other very light jets.

Let's next take as an example the Cessna Citation CJ1, a business jet with an hourly consumption of 350 liters of fuel.

After 2006 this jet was improved upon and dubbed CJ1 +, an aircraft capable of autonomous flight up to 3 hours and ideal for intra-European flights.

The Cessna Citation Bravo is a light business jet with an hourly consumption of 600 liters, suited to short runways, it is characterized by its extremely quiet cabin.

The Gulfstream G550 is a business jet with a range of 12,500 km, widely used for travel among political figures.

This aircraft has an hourly consumption of 1355 liters and is used by many “air taxi” companies.

These are just some of the main examples of private jet consumption. Each private jet is characterized by more or less common characteristics, and each has costs that are almost entirely variable.

How does the fuel consumption of an aircraft work?

On the topic of consumption with regard to private jets, it should be emphasized that the slower the plane will go, the less fuel it will consume.

The same is also true for flight altitude: the higher you fly, the less kerosene is burned, all this because the air provides less resistance.

Interesting isn't it?

It is important to know the dynamics of the sky if you want to take advantage of a charter or even buy a private jet.

In both cases, an overview of what consumption is will surely improve your general knowledge.

Beyond fuel, one of the most important costs at that of maintenance.

Maintaining a private jet: curiosity and figures

The costs of maintaining a private jet can reach up to several million euros. The figures are based on the model, the equipment, and all other the characteristics of the aircraft.

In general, the maintenance costs can entail a minimum of 19-20 thousand euros per year, in some cases running up a cost of more than 50 million euros.

Among the main costs are:

  • insurance
  • storage area (hangar)
  • maintenance

And much more.

The prices, we surely mentioned, always differ and vary especially according to the size of the aircraft.

Luckily, you don't even have to consider these costs if you choose to charter a private jet. An innovative and intelligent way to travel quickly, comfortably, and easily accessible!

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