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Tuesday 25 February 2020 Blog

The history and characteristics of this peculiar Midsize Jet.

Are you considering chartering a private jet?

The Hawker 800XP is an excellent midsize jet model (a medium-sized aircraft with an excellent price and quality) that you can book on our website,

This private jet will let you take your journey in an entirely safe and fast way, and above all, avoid the potential factors that can make work transfers uncomfortable.

Let's delve into a bit of the history and peculiarities of the Hawker 800XP.

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The history of the Hawker 800XP

The history of this business jet (or colloquially termed, "biz jet") began in the 80s, when the board of British Aerospace decided to create a midsize jet able to offer perfect performance and make any business trip enjoyable, even for short journeys.

This is why every effort was spared to ensure a jet capable of reflecting these needs was created. Though certainly not without difficulties, and only by the 90s, the BAE 125-800 series was built.

This series however, had several deficiencies. Failing to fully reflect the requests the British Aerospace Board itself wanted to incorporate into this bizjet.

In 2000, BAO decided to collaborate with Hawker Beechcraft, which was put in charge of producing the jets, precisely, of assembling the different parts that were to compose the medium-sized aircraft.

The 750 and 900XP series, which came about at the beginning of the 2000s, were realized by Hawker Beechcraft who, unfortunately, had to close down due to the crisis that struck England.

It was not entirely closed however, and Beechcraft, the only surviving portion, around 2013 managed to produce the Hawker 800XP, which to this day remains a great choice for business trips.

A particular path allowed the realization of this aircraft, available in our fleet, Fast Private Jet.

After this brief overview of the history, it will serve us to focus on the characteristics of this midsized jet.

Able to guarantee excellent performance, so that you can climb aboard for a quality journey.

Storms and the TFE 731 engines

The Hawker 800XP midsize jet features two TFE 731 engines which have a truly unique feature: they guarantee the highest level of stability throughout the flight, ensuring even storms do not present any difficulties.

In addition to this, we must also mention the fact that this jet is able to climb to an altitude of 12,500 meters in a very short period, of about twenty minutes.

The take-off phase is characterized by maximum lightness, offering the opportunity to prevent turbulence and other small disturbances from creating anything but a pleasant flight experience.

A latest-generation weather radar

A very important feature making the Hawker 800XP jet stand out, is evidently its integrated weather radar.

This tool is what gives pilots the opportunity to have a general overview of the sections ahead.

With this radar, which communicates in real time with the instruments present in the cockpit, the pilots are able to easily find out what possible safety maneuvers they can adopt in any given situation.

Therefore, the level of technology integrated is a key element to safe travels, that you can enjoy with the charter of the private jet.

Other technical features of the Hawker 800XP

On the various technical features of the Hawker 800XP, we should mention its maximum speed.

Thanks to latest generation engines, this jet reaches a speed of 880 kilometers per hour: the structure of which ensure that this speed does not create vibrations and other discomfort.

In terms of fuel consumption, it is fairly minimal and can guarantee travel for a distance of 4,700 kilometers, or a duration of about 6 and a half hours without stop.

As for its measurements, the passenger cabin offers 1.77 meters of height, while the cockpit reaches 1.80 meters in width.

Overall, this jet has a passenger cabin with a length of about six meters, making the interior space large enough to hold 4 or 5 large suitcases.

Relative aspects within the jet

We must also take into consideration the peculiarities of the Hawkers 800XP interiors, so you can truly know which features make it unique.

The Hawker 800XP, besides being a fairly powerful jet, is a spacious means of transport suited for business men.

The seats of its interiors range from 6 to 9 (depending on the configuration you requested), are completely comfortable, made of real leather, and serve to make the journey extremely pleasant.

The passenger cabin can also be transformed into a small conference room, useful for perfecting a pitch, or for a few hours of training.

Comfort and power are two factors that come together seamlessly in the Hawker 800XP, with which you will have the opportunity to experience a perfect business trip.

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