A Guide for Using Private Jets Charters

Monday 23 August 2021 Blog, Tips & Hints

Private jet travel is becoming more accessible, and more people are looking to use private jets. You no longer have to think of private jets as a service for the incredibly rich only. Private jet charters are making it more affordable for everyone.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the way people travel. Even with most commercial airlines operating again, many people still aren’t comfortable sitting in a packed aeroplane for hours.

Instead, people are beginning to charter private jets with only friends and family, posing a much smaller risk of infection. Private jets also offer a whole range of benefits such as privacy and speed of travel.

This has led to an increase of new passengers who may not be familiar with using private jets. It can be very daunting to take a new form of travel for the first time. Private jet charters can seem complicated if you’ve never done it before.

To make the process a bit easier, here are some tips and things to check that will help you avoid any problems you may face on your check-in and flight. With this extra information, you can travel on your holiday this summer stress-free!

How to book a private jet

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a few million pounds lying around to buy your own private jet! This means if you wish to use a private jet, you’ll have to charter a private jet.

A private jet charter is a service that allows you to rent a private jet for a flight. Similar to renting a taxi for a trip, but just over a longer distance!

Chartering a private jet is a straightforward process, so there’s nothing to worry about.

All you need to do is visit Fast Private Jet and enter a few details about where you’re flying from, the departure times, and how many passengers are flying. After this quick process, you will receive a quote, and from there, you can book your private jet.

When booking a private jet, it’s probably a good idea to book quite early. Last-minute private jet bookings can be more expensive.

More airports are available to private jets compared to commercial airlines. You can be a lot more precise about where you’re flying from and your destination. No need for long taxi trips to your hotel!

When should you arrive for your flight?

If you’ve been travelling on commercial flights, you might be used to arriving a few hours before your departure time. Due to the long queues and security checks, you could be stuck in the airport for quite a long time.

With private jets, you skip these long waits, and therefore you don’t have to arrive just as early. Most private jet services will ask you to come around 15 minutes before check-in time.

When you fly by private jet, you’ll use an FBO, a Fixed Base Operator. Usually, when you use an FBO, you can drive right up to it, meet your captain, and board the plane in a few minutes.

However, if you’re travelling in the summer months, the FBO can still get quite busy. Furthermore, the FBO isn’t always made obvious in airports. Sometimes they can be pretty tricky to find.

So to be safe, it’s a good idea to arrive a little earlier than 15 minutes and give yourself some time in case things go wrong.

Check your requirements

Flying privately usually offers extra perks that you wouldn’t be able to have when flying commercially. For example, it’s unlikely that a commercial flight will allow you to take a pet with you.

Most private jet services will be happy to let you travel with a pet. Most people will agree that going on holiday with a pet would be extra special! 

But travelling with a pet is not a given with all services. Make sure to check policies online or simply ask if pets are allowed on board. You also need to make sure the size of your pet is allowed.

For larger pets, they may have to strap into a seat on landings and takeoffs. Your pet will take up one seat, so this will reduce the number of other passengers that can fit on the jet. Make sure you check all of these things with the private jet before booking.

It’s also likely that you’ll want to use Wi-Fi when on the jet. Maybe you need to join an online meeting when on your flight, or you just want to watch NetFlix. Some services include Wi-Fi free of charge, but others don’t.

You don’t want to spend a few hours watching movies and discover you’ve been charged an extra few hundred because of it. So check with your provider whether or not you’re charged extra for Wi-Fi.

If you’re ready to book a private jet, make sure you're using a trusted and reputable provider such as Fast Private Jet.

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