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Friday 15 November 2019 Blog

In modern society, work commitments are sometimes urgent and travelling swiftly, moving faster, can bring a big economic advantage.


If you are part of a company, or you are an entrepreneur and business is your world, it can be advantageous to consider chartering a private jet.


Over the years, our company has specialized in offering you ingenious and exclusive solutions, with which, you can easily seize the opportunity of chartering a private plane, also in a group.


Let’s get into group charters.


What benefits can you get from group charters? Why choose this type of air travel?


In this article, we analyze the individual aspects of chartering in a group that may be of interest to you.


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Private jet: from single charter to group charter.


Have you ever thought of using a jet for your travels?


Compared to a normal scheduled flight, you will not have to wait in interminable lines at check-in or baggage claim, nor are there any restrictions on the use of technology.


With the liberty of a private jet, you will have the opportunity to travel comfortably and spend useful hours on board to complete your work.


Naturally, this choice implies not only a series of advantages, but also a cost.


This is why, when considering booking a VIP flight, it is often seen as a luxury for few, or a specific class of people.


The evolution of transport means and the expansion of company fleets, has led our company to focus on developing different forms of booking, thus: the group charter is born.


Group charter: what does it mean?


But what does a group charter entail? 


The term combines two very common words when referring to air travel.


On the one hand we have charter, which refers to a non-scheduled flight managed by a private company like ours.


On the other hand, the concept of a group.


If you combine these two then you obtain, the charter of a private jet to transport a group of people.


It may seem like a very particular combination, given that when you imagine a private jet, you always think of exclusivity, a luxury for individuals.


The idea of ​​the group charter came from the need to offer you a service that can be both exclusive and personalized, but that has at the same time, a cost similar to that of a commercial flight.


This need will revolutionize the concept of private travel.


Who is the charter group for?


Our idea can be very useful to you if you are an entrepreneur and do not always travel alone, but with your consultants, or a group of technicians, necessary for your business.


If that isn’t quite the case, it is possible to charter in agreement with other business men who may share your requirements and therefore, pay your ticket at a reduced price.


Even if you are part of a company, the use of this offer will not only allow you to save on travel, but also to travel an entire company group.


Finally, it can be very interesting for incentive trips, and to travel in groups for conventions.


What are the advantages of booking a group private jet?


Choosing the group charter can only bring you advantages.


Below we list the ones that are significant for us, and that can help boost your business:


  • Personalized destinations: with a private jet, you will be able to choose a destination outside the standard scheduled routes, getting you as close as possible to the seat of your convention or company meeting, without needing to travel several more kilometers on arrival;
  • Flexible schedules: the departure and arrival times are agreed upon when you book, in order to adapt to your needs and those of the company;
  • Save time: with charter services you can save hours at the airport, as well as reach your destination swiftly thanks to our modern jets. This way, you will gain more time to dedicate to your business;
  • Have the possibility to change bookings: you can change your passenger list until a few days before departure, or even add other staff members;
  • Exclusive and personalized service: even if you are traveling in a group, the service remains exclusive and highly personalized in order to ensure your trip is comfortable. You can choose between different models of our fleet, present on our site, based on your needs and the needs of those who will travel with you;
  • Economic travel: you will notice very high savings, as an individual ticket can match the cost of a commercial trip, yet with the luxury and comfort of our service.


Our fleet of aircraft


The group charter solution is possible thanks a specific fleet of aircraft that, over the years, our company has expanded with maximum attention to your needs.


Each aircraft is chosen for its particular characteristics, always respecting the main factors that make our service exclusive and high-end.


Our entire fleet consists of aircraft with innovative technology, all of which are verified for reliability.


Security, in our view, is one of the central pillars that make our group charter fleet suitable for reaching any destination.


Our models for 18-19 people


  • Gulfstream G-650: one of the aircraft that you will be exceedingly satisfied in choosing, given its ability to cover more than 13,000 kilometers while carrying as many as 19 people in complete comfort. The cabin is spacious enough so that people can move about without invading the space of others. It can hold the necessary luggage without problem. It has a very quiet twin-engine, for traveling in comfort;
  • ACJ319: as soon as you see it on the runway, you will immediately notice an elegant yet solid design. The Airbus Corporate Jet is a line designed by one of the largest manufacturers in the world, Airbus, which developed this model in order to enter the VIP jet market in a completely innovative way. Its two additional tanks allow you a range of 12,000 km, easily leading your group to their destination, with a capacity of up to 19 passengers;
  • Lineage 1000: this model incorporates the E190 jet, with a capacity of 19 passengers. The cabin design is very innovative as it provides a seating arrangement designed to make the journey very comfortable, letting you interact with the other passengers without needing to get up. There is also added comfort in the fact that it is equipped with three toilets. It can travel a distance of 8,500 km at a speed of 472 knots thanks to two engines positioned under each wing;
  • Global 7500: a twin-engine designed to accommodate 19 passengers, precisely suited for those who need to work while arriving at their destination. The jet has a spacious cabin and ample tables between one seat and another, in order to simulate a conference room. With the engines mounted on its wings, it reaches a high speed and can cover 14,000 km without stops;
  • Gulfstream G550: a model slightly smaller than the 650, but with the same characteristics. It has the ability to carry 19 passengers, including their luggage. It can reach destinations with more than 12,000 km distance, at high speed due to its aerodynamic structure and the two engines mounted on its wings, making it even less noisy.


Models for 18-30 people


If you have a larger group of people, our jets will be able to conveniently solve your travels:


  • BBJ MAX: a model created by the largest manufacturer, Boeing, which has carefully tailored its business line to meet all your expectations. With this aircraft, you can cover distances of 12,000 km, with 18 to 30 passengers. Comfort is one of its greatest features, a cabin in which all elements necessary to carry out your work are there for you, while you reach your destination;
  • BBJ 787: distances are no problem for the Boeing aircraft that can travel over 18,000 km and carry up to 40 people. With it, you can reach any destination along with your staff or business group. The cabin has comfortable side seats, with ample support for carrying out your activities. Combining elegance and aesthetics.


Conclusion: group charters, a choice that can make the difference


Choosing the group charter model is the new way to go: allowing you to travel without losing the advantages of a private flight, by booking as a group.


Your trip will be part of the VIP package, with exclusive services that adapt perfectly to your needs, but at a reduced cost.


This allows you to be able to travel with an entire group, and save time.


Not only will you have the opportunity to improve your company's operating costs, but also, to reach your destination in a swift and most convenient

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