Future Fortunes: Which popular investments are set to have the highest potential returns?

Wednesday 16 March 2022 Blog, Crypto

Investing money can be a gamble. As markets shift and trends rise and fall in popularity, the investing space is becoming increasingly harder to navigate. But what markets are set to boom in the next few decades?

We know many of our customers have a keen interest in the investment market and especially, increasingly, within digital and online markets. Our business even accepts cryptocurrency as a way to pay for your private jet flight.

This is why the team at  Fast Private Jet have conducted new research that has predicted the potential growth of various investments, including luxury items and new technologies, by assessing previous trends to reveal where people should consider putting their money if they want to see profitable returns.

AI revenue is predicted to grow by 1,615% in the next 50 years 

As the world relies upon more data, the need for AI software has increased. These include machines, which can enhance the speed, precision and effectiveness of human intelligence and work. Examples include Amazon's Alexa, self-driving vehicles and robots, all of which reduce the need for humans in various industries. Our research estimated this to be an impressive overall growth of 1,615% by 2072.

With the market currently boasting a worth of £37.94 billion, the sharp market increase equates to an estimated £650 billion. This could create huge long-term returns for investors, with a value that will be 17 times more than what they invest now.

The U.S and China are the global leaders in the AI investment market. In recent years, multinational corporations from these countries, such as Microsoft and Amazon, have started incorporating AI within their products and have seen rapid gains in market revenue. Some of the current popular AI stocks are Microsoft Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation,, and Meta Platforms. Inc.

The AI market has only just emerged, and as a result can be a daunting prospect for any investor. However, in the past four years alone it has grown at an exponential rate - from £7.47 billion to £37.94 billion - making it an attractive investment opportunity. Profit wise, investors are predicted to make up to 145% on their investment by 2025.

The NFT market is expected to be worth over £1 billion by 2025 

Non-fungible tokens, commonly known as NFTs, are one of the latest crypto trends that have emerged in blockchain technology. Investing in NFTs are considered to be secure investments as all the information is stored on a digital public ledger, making it difficult to be hacked. 

Recently, the sales of NFTs have boomed, particularly in the areas of digital art, gaming and collectables. In 2021, the NFT art sales alone amounted to over £71 billion. The most expensive NFT sold to date is The Merge by Pak, which sold for $91.8 million on Nifty Gateway in December 2021.  

Currently, the NFT market worldwide is estimated to be around £458 million and based on our data, it is expected to grow by a further 1,200%, reaching £5,954 million by 2072 - in 50 years time. This means that those investing in NFTs now could see a substantial return amount of twelve times more than their current investment. But what about short-term results? 

NFTs are consistently growing at a yearly rate of 23.99% meaning that even short-term investors can expect to see a healthy return. Additionally, in the next five years alone, the NFT market is expected to grow nearly by 150%, and if investors hold onto these, in 30 years time this will increase to 1000%. So whilst the biggest returns will be seen in the long-term investments, those looking for a short-term result can also expect to see results. 

The Bitcoin market is expected to grow 678% by the end of 2072

Bitcoin is considered to be the most popular and valued cryptocurrency because of its peer-to-peer network that allows online transactions to happen instantly. However, predicting the value of the bitcoin market is challenging because of its volatile nature and the fact that the price is subject to change on a day-to-day basis as the market fluctuates. So, is it a profitable investment option?

If investors can overlook the volatility of the Bitcoin market, and take the risk, they can expect to see a return of 12.56% per year. Based on the current market value, which is over £42 million, in fifty years time it will be worth £274 million. This suggests that investors can expect to see big, long-term results if they invest now. Investing in Bitcoin is also much easier than many other forms of modern investments as there are lots of applications available to assist investors including Coinbase and Voyager. However, there are risks that come with investing in the Bitcoin market - the first being the large scale Bitcoin scams that have caught out hundreds of people in recent years along with the unpredictable nature of the market due to big investors and celebrity input. Regardless, with the right knowledge and patience investors will see healthy profits both short and long-term. 

Luxury watches and cars remain one of the most consistent investment choices 

The market of luxury watches has been on a steady incline over the past five years, with the current value sitting at over £6 billion. Similarly, luxury cars have also been increasing, but at a faster rate, with the market value now at £445.94 billion.          

Whilst the luxury watch market is predicted to grow 207% more than the present value - summing up to £18.64 billion there is one particular brand that investors should be eyeing up. Currently, the market is dominated by Rolex, a brand that, according to the Rebag 2021 Clair reports, “holds 82% of its value,” the report then goes on to highlight that some models even resell for two times the original value. With Rolex sales booming in recent years to £3549 billion, there is obvious competition within this niche. 

Along with the boom of luxury watches has also come that of luxury cars, thanks to the significant growth of sophisticated features, along with the increasing disposable incomes of consumers. Consequently, the market value is predicted to have a 39% increase in the next eight years amounting to £621 billion. But the immense growth will actually present itself in years to come, with our data predicting that the market will be worth over £1540 billion in the next 50 years. 

Major auto manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi, are also launching electric variants of their vehicles due to growing environmental concerns. This could be a contributing factor for the accelerated growth in this market as they begin to expand their product base and consequently their consumers.  

The art market is the least profitable for investors 

Of all the markets analysed, our results suggest that the art market will see the smallest percentage increase between 2022 to 2035, of 4.8%. This is a huge difference from the other markets, such as AI which is expected to grow 433.5% in the same time. But is the art industry profitable at all?

The value of the art market has fluctuated massively within recent years. The 2018 value of the market sat at just over £50 billion, and then it dropped to £37.04 in 2020 and has been on a steady incline since. The current predicted value of the market is just over £46 billion. Whilst our data suggests that the market will not reach its previous peak value of £50 billion until 2045, there is steady growth expected in the next few years. 

Although the art industry was found to have the least returns on investment in the future, the market is beginning to see minimal growth again. Whilst the overall value is also still lower than the other markets, it is expected to reach a total value of nearly £55 billion by 2072, which is still 19% higher than the present market value. Therefore, whilst the market seems to be making small progress and will not provide huge profitable returns, investors can expect both short, and long-term results to some degree. 

Which is the best overall investment?

Whilst AI intelligence and NFT’s are expected to have the biggest market increase by 2035, the market that is expected to be worth the most by this time is Bitcoin. The predicted worth of this market by this time is £72 billion. Whilst this market may be worth the most, investors should consider the volatility risk associated with investing. On the other hand, a safer investment choice, which has historically proven to provide returns and is predicted to continue to do so, is that of the luxury watch and car market.

Investing in this market is guaranteed to provide both short, and long-term results and the long term data to support this provides even more security for investors. But if investors are just looking for short-term investments then the art market is the most attractive - with a predicted steady increase over the next few years they can expect to see some returns quickly. 

Sources and Methodology

The team at Fast Private Jet have analysed numerous metrics to find out and predict which worldwide luxury investments will have the best short and long term returns to make their investors ‘future fortunes’.

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