Flying With Babies & Children By Private Jet

Thursday 28 October 2021 Blog, Family, Tips & Hints

Looking to bring your family along for your trip? You’re in luck because Fast Private Jet is excited to provide the best experience for your family!

We understand that traveling with family can be a stressful experience but we want you to be able to enjoy your flight experience. 

An advantage about flying private is that there will be no one bothering your kids and no one for your kids to bother. 

They can relax or watch tv and get more space and comfort. Today we will be answering some common questions you might have about traveling as a family. 

First, we will start with pregnancy then all the way to toddlers to make sure we got you covered. 

Flying Experience for Pregnant Women

We wanted to start off by talking about the experience for pregnant women. Travelling can be a bit stressful and very draining but our team wants to be able to provide you with maximum comfort and reduce stress. 

Here are some common questions pregnant women may have about travel. We do want to mention to consult with your doctor prior to traveling to get approval and keep them informed. 

At what stage of pregnancy is it safe to fly?

If you are planning to fly during your pregnancy it is always important to consult with your doctor because different women can have different experiences at any stage throughout the pregnancy.

In general, private jet guidelines will align with commercial flights to not allow travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy. Even if you’re under 36 weeks it’s still important to consult your doctor for safety reasons.

Is a Private Jet comfortable for Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy has its moments of discomfort and can be very challenging to get in comfortable positions. Fast Private Jet does an excellent job of making sure you are comfortable in your seat and can adjust food service according to your needs.

Private flying, in general, is more comfortable than commercial because you have a lot more space. Although some private jets may cater more to pregnant women and families.

Flying with Babies

Travelling with baby

Now say you have babies who are possibly less than a year or two old - How can we help with that?

How soon can a newborn fly

There are no guidelines when flying with newborns but certain cases may need a doctor’s approval if you are flying with a baby under 6 months.

Aside from that, it is completely up to your comfort.

Do babies have their own seats on the jet?

Many times babies can travel on the parent’s or guardian’s lap but you are more than welcome to bring a car seat.

A car seat is helpful because your newborn is still safe while you can relax and enjoy this luxurious flight!

Do babies need a passport to fly private?

This is a very important question! Yes, all babies need a passport to travel by private jet! Many private companies will ask for the details in advance so your onboarding process can be quick and secure.

What food can be taken on board?

Baby food, milk, and medication can be taken aboard if they are below the liquid limits. Inform our team if you or any members of your family have a food allergy so we can adjust accordingly!

Flying Private with Children

Finally, how can we help you travel with children and toddlers? Check out some common questions we get asked!

When does a child get their own seat?

According to private jets a child can travel on your lap until the age of two. Children two years and older are required to have their own seats.

A booster seat is allowed on the plan for your child’s comfort and the seats recline if they choose to sleep throughout the flight.

Can we bring entertainment devices?

Generally, children won’t be impressed by the luxury of a private jet for more than 3 seconds. If you are interested in bringing a device like a tablet, laptop, etc., for a source of entertainment, you are more than welcome to!

Final thoughts 

We hope we were able to answer as many questions as you may have. If there’s still something else we haven’t covered, feel free to reach out to our team!

Our priority is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while you enjoy a luxurious flight. 

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