Flying to Greece on a private jet: here are the most desired destinations for the Greek summer 2020

Saturday 6 June 2020 Blog

Fly with a private plane to the most popular Greek summer destinations 2020.

If you like wild nature, the sea and good food, probably flying to Greece in a private jet could prove to be a great choice for your ideal vacation. Greece is a tourist destination easily reachable in a few hours of flight, thanks to the short distance that separates it from Italy.

It is a country with a truly amazing historical and cultural heritage and which offers you a great variety of recreational options for your summer vacation. One of the most enchanting natural attractions in Greece is undoubtedly the sea, characterized by dream beaches, picturesque islands and crystal clear water.

Since May the temperatures are perfect for enjoying your holiday to the fullest; also in this period the seaside resorts are still uncrowded. Greece, in addition to the wonderful sea, also offers you a great variety of attractions to visit, including ancient monuments, temples, castles and archaeological sites.

But let's see what are the most exclusive Greek destinations that you can reach with our private jets.

Fly by private jet to Corfu, the Greek island closest to the Italian coast.

A recommended destination, reachable directly by private jet, is the island of Corfu, with its pastel-colored villages, the endless olive groves and a Wonderfull sea wonderful. Thanks to its modest extension, you could even visit it in one day, even if its attractions certainly deserve a longer stay.

The elegant area of ​​the island is the north-eastern one, where you can rent a boat to reach the most hidden coves, including Nissaki, Agios Stefanos and Kerasia, idyllic places that you should definitely include in your holiday itinerary. The most famous seaside resort of Corfu is Paleokastritsa, a bay that offers a multitude of sandy beaches to relax and rocky coves on the sea for snorkelling.

If what you are looking for is a place where you can practice water sports, Halikounas beach is for you: 3km of golden sand and crystal clear water where surfers and kitesurfers of the island gather to ride the waves in the best windy days.

After a day spent at the beach, you can savor the local delicacies comfortably seated in the outdoor tables of restaurants; among the most acclaimed, the bourdeto, fresh fish soup in spicy sauce, and octopus stewed in white wine. The typical drink of Corfu is Kumquat, a Chinese mandarin liqueur grown on the island, excellent as a digestive after a fish dinner.

After a tasty dinner you can take a relaxing walk on the seafront or head to the nightlife centers, first of all Ipsos, where you will find a multitude of pubs and discos open until dawn.

As you can see, the island of Corfu undoubtedly deserves to be visited, both for a family holiday and with friends.

Charter a private plane to Mykonos, the island with bohemian charm.

The white alleys, the light blue Venetian blinds and the balconies adorned with colorful flowers are the calling card of this fascinating Greek island that you can comfortably reach by private jet. Mykonos is one of the most acclaimed stops by tourists and represents one of the most active centers of Greek nightlife, with beach parties, discos and pubs open all night.

Based on your needs, you can choose the beach where you can spend the day at the beach that best suits you:

  • Kalafatis: ideal for surf, windsurf and kitesurf lovers
  • Paradise and Superparadise: for those who like to party
  • Paranga: for families with children
  • Platys Gialos and Panormos: for those who want to relax
  • Elìa: the nudist beach

In Mykonos there are many suggestive places that absolutely to visit, first of all Little Venice, a district of the city that "floats" on the water, studded with shops for shopping and restaurants. Certainly the church of Panagia Paraportiani and the town of Kato Myli, where the majestic and ancient windmills stand, also deserve a stop on your journey.

After a day spent in one of the enchanting beaches or around the local monuments, you can finally enjoy a typical dinner in the restaurants of the island. The culinary tradition of Mykonos is very similar to the Italian one as regards fish, while it is closer to the Turkish one for meat. Among the tastiest dishes you could taste the souvlaki, grilled lamb, red mullet sautéed with tomatoes and grilled fresh local fish.

As you can see, Mykonos is definitely a destination that can add a little more nightlife to your holiday.

Travel on a private jet to Santorini, the city that stands on an ancient volcanic crater.

Santorini is so beautiful that it seems fake: this evocative volcanic island, reachable by private jet, is studded with cobalt-colored domes and very white buildings. Thanks to its breathtaking sunsets over the sea and its spectacular landscapes, it is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

Around 1600 BC a large volcanic explosion, probably caused by an earthquake, caused a tsunami which devastated the island. In 1967, in the locality of Akrotiri, a team of archaeologists unearthed an ancient city, completely submerged in ancient ashes, exactly like Pompeii.

However, it seems that this cataclysm did not cause a large number of victims, as if the inhabitants had found time to escape, and this would indicate a certain familiarity with the earthquakes of the civilization of the time. The myth of the island of Atlantis was probably born following these events and it is said that it may be Santorini!

The volcanic eruption significantly modified the physiognomy of the island, characterized by dizzying cliffs with psychedelic colors and black sand beaches. The most suggestive are Amoudi Bay, just below the village of Oia, with crystal clear water and red rocks, and Éxo Gialós, near the village of Karterados, dotted with particular black pebbles.

In addition, a boat trip to the crater of Nea Kameni and the thermal springs of Palia Kameni is an experience that you should definitely include in your vacation. In the evening you can enjoy a good glass of Assyrtiko, a young white wine produced with local grapes, accompanied by a typical Moussaka or Dolmades, a sort of meat-based sushi, made with seasoned rice wrapped in a vine leaf.

In short, if you want to relax and enjoy the best Greek panoramas, flying to Santorini by private jet is an excellent opportunity.

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