Flying on a private jet with XRP? Now you can!

Monday 12 April 2021 Blog, Crypto

Can I pay for a private plane flight using XRP currency? Find out why with Fast Private Jet from 2020 it is possible and advantageous!

Do you use the Ripple network for your payments and are you wondering if this method can also be used to purchase your private jet flights?

The answer is yes. From March 2020 with Fast Private Jet you can also buy the rental of a private jet in cryptocurrencies, including XRP.

A considerable advantage to take advantage of wherever you are, even if you need to take a last-minute private plane flight!

Do you want to know more?

Here are the benefits of booking a private jet with XRP currency!

XRP e le altre criptovalute.

XRP to fly by private jet: an unmissable novelty in an unusual period.

Due to the health situation caused by Coronavirus, the world of aviation has also changed in recent times.

Many airlines of scheduled flights have been forced several times to cancel national and international flights, consequently, users have opted for the booking of private flights, with a sharp increase in demand.

To facilitate the payment system, at a time when the speed and convenience of services have become more important than ever, Fast Private Jet has decided to include cryptocurrency payments, a choice that has been more than appreciated by users.

Payments with cryptocurrencies, and in particular with XRP, are very fast and have proved to be a winning resource for all those who have been stuck in another country and who had a strong urgency to reach home as soon as possible!

Paying in XRP takes just a few seconds for the payment amount to be transferred from the sender to the company, both if the transaction is carried out in the national territory, and if it takes place from abroad and even if the amounts transferred are very high.

Therefore, payments in XRP represent a very important resource to facilitate the booking processes and to move by private jet from one part of the world to another, also minimizing the practices that usually, relying on bank transactions, even require someday.

Therefore, the use of cryptocurrencies (including XRP) is an opportunity offered by our business aviation company to be exploited both in this particular period and in the future, to accelerate transfers from one part of the world to another for business or leisure.

Why choose to pay in XRP to fly by private jet?

There are many reasons to use XRP to travel aboard a private plane.

In addition to the immediacy of transactions (about 2-5 seconds), using XRP means:

  1. reduce brokerage costs;
  2. being able to transfer money in different currencies;
  3. make payments with maximum security (thanks to the use of cryptography).

Already, the Ripple system and the XRP coin like the other main cryptocurrencies, are protected by a security and anonymity system, which makes them perfect for making payments of very high amounts without taking risks.

A category of users who have taken advantage of this payment system is represented precisely by the victims of hacking and cloning of credit cards or bank accounts, a problem that with the Ripple system is almost non-existent.

Thanks to the XRP coin, even for those who have had this type of problem, it was possible to move from one country to another easily.

Another advantage of using XRP to fly with a private hired jet, as mentioned above, is also the reduction of commission costs.

As you well know, banking systems provide for fairly high intermediation costs for transferring money from one account to another, and by using XRP these costs are more than amortized.

Pagare con la moneta XRP con lo smartphone.

Infatti anche Ripple si basa sul sistema monetario P2P (peer to peer), ossia un sistema di pagamento alla pari che non necessita dall'intermediazione di una banca.

If you already use XRP currency you will be aware of the ways in which transactions take place, and you can easily imagine how convenient the ability to use (and track) any currency can be for those who need to move often from one state to another.

In short, the advantages of using the XRP coin for the rental of a plane with a pilot are many!

We also remind you that since XRP is a currency subject to change, you should beware of fluctuations in its value and take advantage of the high peaks to book flight packages for your next business or leisure trips.

In this way, as well as with maximum speed, safety and convenience, you can make payments for your next private jet flights with the utmost convenience!

To conclude.

As you can also see, XRP cryptocurrencies and the Ripple system are excellent resources to use for your next private jet flights.

If at this point you are wondering where and how to make payments with XRP to fly from one country to another, the answer is simple!

By contacting Fast Private Jet private aviation advisors at the time of booking you can have all the information to proceed with your payment in XRP, wherever you are in the world.

All you need is an internet connection, a smartphone, or a PC, and based on your availability of XRP you can easily purchase first-class flights that will allow you to move between luxury, comfort and all the exclusivity you have. need!

Contact us today to request a free quote: thanks to the opportunity to use the XRP coin, flying in a private jet will be even easier!

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