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Friday 18 February 2022 Blog, Business, Family, Tips & Hints, Top Destinations

If you are flying private, don’t let your luxury experience end when you have reached your destination. Fast Private Jet has recommended a few hotels and resorts to extend your luxury experience beyond the air!

You can find these hotels all over Europe, and some partnering hotels are even located in Asia and the US. Wherever you are traveling, Fast Private Jet can take you there!

Baglioni Hotels

Baglioni Hotels

Baglioni is a set of hotels and resorts all over the finest cities. You will find some hotels in Venice, Rome, and Florence - home to some of the finest art cities.

They also have some stunning resorts in the Kensington district of London and Tuscan Maremma. One of the most popular is the 5-star luxury resort in the Maldives! 

Each hotel includes beautiful experiences that best represent the location of the hotel. For an indoor experience, take advantage of their luxury cuisine, wine tastings, and even a cooking class. 

Each resort knows how to offer the best luxury experience from relaxation to adventure. So spice up a business trip and play competitive tennis with your colleagues. Or take a moment to breathe with some yoga or water adventures! 

So if you are flying private, you might as well complete your experience in a luxury resort.

Rosa Alpina

Rosa Alpina

If your private flying experience is taking you to a colder location, you have to try Rosa Alpina! The ideal visit is December through April to explore the Italian wonderland! 

This hotel offers a blissful experience with fine dining and many holistic wellbeing services. A spa with tranquil treatment rooms and an indoor heated swimming pool. Treat yourself to a facial or massage to get the most of a relaxing experience.

They offer a warm hotel experience near the mountains, where the hotel looks like a white wonderland during the winter. The hotel is located in San Cassiano, Italy, and is a partner with Aman, where they have multiple hotels in the United States, Dominican Republic, Japan, China, etc.! 

So wherever your private jet takes you, there is a high chance of finding a partner hotel.



Soneva consists of luxurious and sustainable resorts that work hand in hand with the communities they are located in. They are located in the Maldives and Thailand with beachfront villas. 

Soneva Soul is a unique, transformative health concept that combines thousands of years of ancient healing wisdom with cutting-edge science and innovation to bring mind, body, and soul together.

They will empower you to reach your full potential and achieve your wellness goals across all aspects of your life through inspiring resort wellness centers, energizing movement and yoga programs, deliciously wholesome cuisine, a team of resident experts, and a global network of renowned wellness specialists.

Fast Private Jet offers a luxury experience in the air but continue your comfort in a hotel that will cater towards your wellbeing!

Reid’s Palace

Reid’s Palace

Reid’s Palace is a Belmond hotel located in Madeira, full of panoramic views and innovative cuisine at your fingertips. They are the perfect place to visit during April as they decorate the hotel with spring and Easter decor.

They offer a variety of suites, some with balconies and kitchenettes, so you can relax from the comfort of your room. Or you can discover Madeira Island, where you can get a magical experience on the island with a daily breakfast available.

The William Restaurant has fine dining in a sophisticated setting for more dining, you can try the Ristorante Villa Cipriani, an Italian-style restaurant on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. 

Lastly, you can take your friends and loved ones out on the palace balcony for afternoon tea, where there are scones, pastries, and a selection of 24 teas.

They offer luxury accommodation, a 50% discount on a second room for children under 17, a spa with ocean views, and a list of calendar events whenever you visit!

Final Thoughts

With all the hotels we listed, there is something for everyone, whether you are staying for business or looking for a relaxing getaway. Explore the world with Fast Private Jet and take advantage of all these hotel gems.

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