Features and Amenities Available Aboard a Private Jet

Monday 29 November 2021 Blog, Discover the Aircraft, Tips & Hints

When people think about luxury private jets, they imagine more privacy and space.

But, there is a lot more than private jets have to offer! The features and amenities make a difference and take your experience to the next level.

Today we will look at some of the impressive features and amenities you could have in your private jet.

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Luxury Lounge Chairs

Luxury Lounge Chairs

To start, one of the most annoying things with commercial flying is the lack of space. You’re forced to stay in your chair with little legroom, and the only trip you can make is to the bathroom.

If you are going to sit in a chair for long hours, you might as well enjoy a luxury lounge seat. With private jet seating, you get plenty of legroom and storage space near you.

But wait! With private flying, there is more that you can do than sit in your lounge chair. We are going to go through the other activities you can do aside from sitting.



Commercial flying takes away quite a bit of privacy, and it’s even worse when you’re exhausted. Feel comfortable resting on your trip by utilizing a private jet bedroom.

You can use their bedroom as a chance to rest in your own space and sleep during long flights.

Full-sized Bathrooms

Full-sized Bathrooms

Feel relaxed with a private jet bathroom!

Turn your flight into a 5-star hotel experience with full-sized bathrooms. Bathrooms on planes are pretty cramped and make you more prone to motion sickness.

Guests can feel free to freshen up before they arrive at their destination.



Although guests wouldn’t use the kitchen, they would experience food from a professional chef!

So far from our list, you can have the following:

  • bedroom to sleep in during your flight
  • access to a shower
  • food from a professional chef

This is only the beginning of all the amenities that you could have.

Conference Facilities

Conference Facilities

Say you’re not the one to rest during your flight, and you want to use that time to work. Some private jets will offer meeting spaces and conference facilities.

Many people enjoy using their time to catch up on work. There is no need to work from the private jet seats - you can work in their meeting space and get in work mode.

Personalized Private Jet Interior

Personalized Private Jet Interior

If you choose to own a private jet, you can get a luxury private jet interior. This includes anywhere from the furniture to the other materials like choosing stone, leather, and glass.

Pet Accommodations

Pet Accommodations

A fan favorite with Fast Private Jet is our pet accommodations! We understand how important it is to have your furry friend on board.

More importantly, we understand that travelling can make them very anxious.

Don’t let your pet miss out on your adventure, and bring them along for the ride. The experience won’t be as hard on them compared to commercial flying. Both you and your pet can relax during the trip knowing you are together.



Technology seems like a broad term, but many private jet companies offer quite a bit for their guests.

You are paying for state of the art technology for entertainment and comfort.

Technology can include the following:

  • DVD players
  • wireless technology
  • widescreen televisions
  • surround sound
  • lighting adjustments

Many guests enjoy using technology for themselves or their kids.

First Class Service

This feature is not something you get on a commercial flight. There is no need to compete for the attention of the flight attendants; instead, they are there to cater to your needs.

You will get everything faster, and the crew will know all your preferences before your flight.

Final Thoughts

Not every private jet will include the amenities, but they can enhance the experience. Looking at this list of amenities and features will help you find out what you would want to include in your trip.

If you aren’t interested in one of these amenities or features, there is no need to pay extra.

Pay for the experience of your choice, and Fast Private Jet can help you do that.

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