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Tuesday 16 October 2018 Blog

Health and wellness lifestyle have a big influence in reconsider food culture. The wellness followers are paving the way, sharing their excitement and knowledge with classic-stream consumers who are seeking for information and direction. New pillars believe in terms of food shopping aren’t based anymore to a therapy management (lowering cholesterol or blood pressure) or dieting (low fat, low carb) but are focused on real quality food, complete nutrition factors, freshness, less processed foods and beverages. From a purchase and use standpoint, this means to put apart all products that are fat-free, meal substitutes and 100-calorie portion snacks, onto products that are fresher, healthier (natural, zero or close to zero processed) and with a good balance of carbs, proteins and fat.

Another point of view that now takes the lead next to wellness is energy. It is almost as important as over-weight care and physical fitness. This status rise is a change from the past. For the majority of consumers, the deepest meaning of health and wellness is to be strong enough to live an active life. The understanding of the link between gut and brain is becoming more and more cosmopolitan as a trend.

This new wellness era is leaded by the Gen Z (Generation Z). More so than any other generation, Gen Z looks to exercise as a way to treat or prevent illness, and it is particularly relevant for emotional and stress-related issues. For Gen Z, technology is fun, entertaining and useful. This generation is more likely than all other generations to look to their online social networks for advice on health and wellness.

This change in the old way to think about food also brought to light some new professions such as the Nutritionist, or the Wellness Lifestyle Coach. In other words, the person who helps somebody to define his wellness goals and the best way to reach them through discipline, self-motivation, self-esteem and good habits.

But what does really mean wellness food?

The Private Jet field takes into serious consideration the trends and habits of wellness. Thanks to high-quality catering and culinary services available for private jets, we are able to provide anything your diet requires. The latest trends in terms of food are for sure the plant-based food and the veggie-centric cuisine. Worldwide, we see more vegetable carb replacement such as cauliflower, as well as plant-based proteins like tofu and quinoa. Even starred chefs start to look at vegetable products with as much appreciation as proteins. Another trends which is paving the way is the Authentic ethnic flavors.
The fine dining scene is bringing up authentic ethnic cuisines. Korean gastronomy and Indian cuisine are taken to the pole position. Middle Eastern cuisine is also very appreciated form the wellness generation. Most of all, the real interesting future prophecy is about the large use of ethnic spices with lots of advantages for your health like harissa, cardamom, cumin, Kimichi, ginger and za’atar, a mix of Origanum, Calamintha, Thymus, and Satureja.
Also new cuts of meat are getting the scene with unusual cuts such as Merlot cut, shoulder tender, Vegas Strip steak and oyster blade.

Finally, the mother of all good habits, the non-alcoholic drink. The good news for those mindful of the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption! Fine dining restaurants (followed by private jets) are paying more attention to drink pairings and carefully planning in their menu new entries like juice proposal or ample tea lists. Sweet soft drinks are also slowly disappearing, leaving the place to flavored sparkling waters and artisanal sodas in fancy flavors like orange, pear, fig and cranberry, or the herb and anise root beer. 

At Fast Private Jet, we do believe that in-flight catering must be a 360 degrees experience. For our private jet costumers, we arrange VIP cuisine, very mindful to the health and wellness, yet with a pinch of taste for the mouth, and beautiful food presentation for the eyes.

Bon Appetit!

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