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Friday 5 October 2018 Blog


  • How did you get to know about Fast Private Jet?

I found your website through Google. I am familiar with private jets and your website looked professional, detailed and accurate. So, I decided to get in touch with you. 

  • What was the flight you requested a quote for?

My presence was requested for a wedding in an island in the Italian territory for a long weekend, and there were 10 of us who were flying on board the jet. 

  • Did you receive assistance from the customer care team?

Yes, they answered quite fast to my email and we could arrange a quotation quickly. The price they offered me included all the taxes and airport fees, and after sending me the quotation via email, they called me straight away to discuss further all the points and explained in detail what was requested to be paid and why. I appreciated the transparency and the professionalism of Mr. Mauro De Rosa. 

  • After the flight was confirmed, did you need some extra assistance?

Yes, during the booking procedure I have been explained that, due to the small runway, we were forced to take one specific type of private jet, ideal for such a location. Because there were 10 of us traveling, the baggage compartment space was reduced in order to be able to take everybody’s luggage. Also, the weight for landing was at limit with 10 passengers in the cabin and the Fast Private Jet agent highlighted to me the need to be weight conscious with our luggage in order to be safe for landing. I replied that this was not possible as we were going to take part into a wedding so, I was expecting a couple of trolleys per person, around 20 pieces in total. The agent noticed that this was going to be too much for the correct weight and balance of the aircraft, and he offered me another solution. He sent a driver to my home to pick up the bigger suitcases the day before the flight and take them to destination for us to be found at the hotel after our arrival into the island. This is exactly what happened, and I really appreciated the prompt offer of Fast Private Jet to find a solution instead of telling me “Sorry, you have to reduce the number of your luggage.”

  • So, you had a good customer care experience, then?

Indeed. As many other people, I don’t like to be told what I have to do, especially when I fly on private jets. I found in Fast Private Jet assistance, politeness and proactiveness. I have been positively surprised for the service offered and for the fast reaction in finding valuable solutions. They also organized a cadeau for my nephew, a Lego box for him to get entertained during the flight. A personal touch that impressed me and the mother! 

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