Fast Private Jet and the MDL - Motori Di Lusso magazine announce an agreement to develop projects together in the luxury sector

Thursday 16 May 2024 Blog, Business

FPJ has reached an agreement with MDL, a portal that deals with the world of luxury in all its aspects, to jointly pursue exciting future projects

Fast Private Jet and Motori di Lusso are two established and authoritative entities in the luxury world, both catering to the curiosity and desires of those who love everything that is sought after, elegant, and refined.

For this reason, they have decided to join forces and enter into a partnership to become even more prominent in this expanding market.

The target audience will not simply be a sum of parts, but an increasingly diverse and composite target, however united by the same passions: the world of luxury and elegance.

The synergy between these two entities is further confirmation of the intention to improve, evolve, and achieve increasingly higher goals, which are the missions of both.

Una Maserati azzurra MC 20 | Fast Private Jet

FPJ, a leader in the field of private jet charter flights, and MDL, a point of reference for those who want to stay constantly updated without missing out on the latest news in the luxury world, have decided to develop numerous projects together with the goal of further establishing themselves in the market.

The driving force behind both entities is the desire to take on new challenges and achieve increasingly ambitious goals, aspects that FPJ and MDL share. That's precisely why they couldn't help but come together and become great travel companions.

Gli interni di un jet privato di lusso | Fast Private Jet

New projects and new adventures await FPJ and MDL

A variety of activities will be developed on different fronts, both editorially and in terms of service offerings. And much more. All to create a broader and more interconnected network, as well as to offer the public increasingly interesting and engaging content. And with the opportunity to delve significantly deeper into it.

The projects shared by FPJ and MDL will involve both the editorial and informative world as well as the luxury service offerings, but not only. This synergy will allow both entities to improve and expand their offerings, both in terms of dissemination and commercial aspects, thus creating an increasingly broad and interconnected network.

The audience will be able to enjoy increasingly captivating and original content, so as not to miss any news about the world of luxury and sophistication. An unmissable opportunity for anyone who loves refinement and elegance!

Un'immagine che raffigura un elegante businessman | Fast Private Jet

What do FPJ and MDL say about this new partnership?

Fast Private Jet and Motori di Lusso are eager to embark on this new adventure together, as demonstrated by the words of the top executives of the two companies.

Alessandro Colombo, Editor & Founder of MDL - Motori Di Lusso, appears enthusiastic about this partnership, highlighting the harmony found with FPJ, an authoritative and increasingly renowned brand, with which he claims to share human and professional values.

The founder of MDL also believes "that both entities, working together, have the potential to achieve great goals thanks to a rich and articulated series of proposals".

Mauro De Rosa, CEO of Fast Private Jet, declares to be pleased with this partnership with MDL, an increasingly reliable and authoritative entity for those who love luxury and an elegant lifestyle.

MDL's audience, lovers of cars, yachts, and aviation, will undoubtedly appreciate the services offered by FPJ, and according to CEO Mauro De Rosa, "the intention to create this synergy with MDL arises from the desire to achieve the same objectives, in terms of target and customer loyalty, through paths of experience in the world of luxury”.

Insomma, nuove avventure all'orizzonte, e soprattutto inedite opportunità e risorse per tutti gli amanti del luxury!

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