Fast Private Jet is an Exclusive partner for Eidoo Card. 

Wednesday 15 April 2020 Blog

Fast Private Jet mission is to listen and meet all its clients’ requests by creating and managing in the utmost safety, unique and exclusive flight experiences. We have never stopped there but also, we have expanded our approach to being innovative solution providers to our affluent clients.

Mentioning innovation, Fast Private jet is delightful to announce partnership with Eidoo, your gateway to the exciting new world of decentralized finance (DeFi). As an app for both mobile and desktop devices, it’s the easiest and most secure way to participate in the blockchain economy.

Being the leading executive airlines in the field on a corporate and operational level, this partnership makes paying in cryptocurrency for a private jet charter more convenient to our client via Eidoo.

Eidoo’s innovative approach allows its users to buy, store and exchange all major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Users can bring their DeFi wallet to life with the Eidoo Card, a personal, crypto-powered debit card. Use it in stores or online globally and enjoy up to 10% crypto cashback on qualifying purchases.

Eidoo has entered into an exclusive partnership with Fast Private Jet to give Eidoo’s Black Cardholders the privilege to access the utmost benefits of FPJ Wings program.

A fixed price for each flight hour, Possibility of an aircraft category upgrade free-of charge, extra advantages on cancellation fees, guaranteed availability of a private jet within 12 hours of take-off, VIP catering and many other exclusive and personalized services that the program offers and Eidoo card holders will have the privilege to enjoy.

On the other hand, As Fast Private Jet is the first private jet charter company in Italy to accept Cryptocurrency payments, that made Crypto easily usable and accessible by our clients. Bringing this partnership alive, Eidoo cardholders will have the opportunity to pay for their FPJ Wings hours by transferring the amount from their Eidoo wallet directly to the Fast Private Jet account.

About Eidoo Black Card

The Eidoo Black Card makes crypto easily usable and accessible in day-to-day life for any level of holder.

●  Crypto to card in seconds - instantly convert your crypto into £GBP or €EURO in-app to start spending straight away

●  Use in stores or online worldwide, or even withdraw from ATMs

●  Enjoy up to 10% crypto cashback for qualifying purchases. Be rewarded when you spend, no matter where you are.

●  Stake more EDO to increase cashback amount

●  Partner rewards and benefits exclusive to Black card holders.

The Eidoo Black Card is the first metal card for DeFi. It offers an unparalleled, highly-curated card reward experience, inviting you to stream, read and travel in style. Enjoy perks like subscriptions to your favourite TV and music streaming services, vouchers for hotels and transport and airport lounge passes. More incredible reward programs and benefits will be released in the following weeks. The Eidoo Card also offers Basic and VIP account tiers.

Both Fast Private Jet and Eidoo see this collaboration as an opportunity that will provide better and easier innovative experiences to their users around the world.

The advantages of using digital currencies are numerous, especially for those who travel frequently for business or pleasure or for those who invest in cryptocurrencies.

Download the Eidoo app to pre-order your Black card now or contact us for more information

So what are you waiting for? Charter your next flight with cryptocurrencies now and you will see that you can no longer do without it!


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