Fast Private Jet and S.P.A.L.: On board a private jet, the strongest white and blue in Serie B fly to new horizons

Wednesday 18 November 2020 Blog, Tips & Hints

Fast Private Jet announces its collaboration as an official partner of S.P.A.L. for the provision of chartering of private jets.

Fast Private Jet, a company operating in private jet charter services, whose mission is to meet all requests, creating and managing unique and exclusive flight experiences for its customers in maximum safety thanks to consolidated skills and he extreme dedication of a team of professionals with twenty years of experience, offers consulting and connection services between business aviation users and private jet operators to offer the best price and quality available on the market.

Always focused on consolidating relationships and collaborations with organizations that represent Italian excellence, it continues to support the importance and passion for sport, of which it shares the values ​​of loyalty, discipline, solidarity and teamwork.

It was therefore natural for the company to choose the football game as a perfect example of commonality of values, through which it was possible to create a synergy with S.P.A.L., a historic team of the Italian football universe, whose origins date back to 1907.

Fast Private Jet is pleased to announce, for the entire 2020/2021 sports season, the new collaboration agreement with S.P.A.L., an Italian football club based in the city of Ferrara and the most prestigious association in the city to which it belongs.

The partnership between the football club S.P.A.L. and Fast Private Jet, once again unites two brands with international ambitions, which share values ​​such as excellence, innovation, style, loyalty, discipline and solidarity.

The support guaranteed to S.P.A.L. for the 2020-2021 football season it offers Fast Private Jet the opportunity to reiterate once again its closeness to the world of sport and the ideals it transmits such as team play, passion, respect for the rules and commitment in overcoming one's own limits.

Sport also breaks down all barriers and brings people together, a fundamental value in the best business culture, a principle that Fast Private Jet has always proudly pursued.

Mauro De Rosa - CEO of Fast Private Jet - declares: "In view of a wider project, which is part of a corporate strategy that aims to affirm the sporting vocation of Fast Private Jet and its being, to all effects, a company rooted in the Italian territory but with an international vocation, we are proud to start this new partnership with the SPAL football club Our brands are similar and share the same vision and the same drive to offer quality experiences to celebrate a globally shared passion. We are delighted to start our partnership with the football club S.P.A.L., demonstrating our commitment to long-term collaboration with the Club and sports fans in Italy and around the world. We are happy to support an ambitious team to be able to return to the highest levels of the Serie A championship, achieved after years of sacrifice, commitment and teamwork. Fast Private Jet, as evidence of the sharing of FairPlay and Team building values, chooses the football club S.P.A.L. to start a long project to support the players of the Serie B championship. The goal of Fast Private Jet, in fact, is to become a leader in the national and European market in the rental service of private jets, offering the best quality first, during and after the flight. Being present with our support by offering the team a unique and exclusive flight experience allows us to tell a wide audience about our company and its commitment to supporting sporting projects and initiatives, which contribute to the economic and social growth of the Italian territory. “.


Born to fill a market gap in the offer of private jet services, with a modernly designed structure, and with a strong focus on the person and corporate organization as assets and founding values ​​of the business, Fast Private Jet enjoys strong points undisputed, represented by the excellent professionalism of the team and the deep knowledge of the business aviation sector. A project that took shape thanks to the professional skills of the people who are part of the structure, in combination with the experience gained over the years by Mauro De Rosa, CEO of Fast Private Jet, already co-founder of the current leading company in Europe in Very Light Jet sector. Through the implementation of innovative platforms, which today allow in 15 minutes to offer customers any type of aircraft around the world, Fast Private Jet stands out for the proven excellence of the services offered and for the guarantee of flight safety.

It offers private jet rental services all over the world, with a service active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meeting any request for any type of flight.


Founded as a religious-cultural club in 1907 in the city of Ferrara, it quickly became a sports club: the S.P.A.L., acronym for the Ars et Labor Polisportiva Society. In its history it has taken part in 24 editions of the Italian top league, 19 of which in the modern single-group Serie A, obtaining 5th place as the best result at the end of the 1959-1960 season. CONI awarded the club with the Golden Star for sporting merit in 1974 and the Collare d'oro for sporting merit in 2019. In its history, the Biancazzurro Club has two Serie B championships won in the 1950-1951 and 2016- 2017, the Italian Serie C 1998-1999 Cup and a Lega Pro Super Cup won in 2016. In the international arena, it won the last edition of the Friendship Cup in 1968. It also reached the final of the 1961-1962 Italian Cup. . Since 1928 the team has played its own competitions inside the Municipal Stadium of Ferrara, named in 1982 to Paolo Mazza, historic president, whose thirty-year leadership brought the Club twice to Serie A. Its colors are white and blue.

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