Fast Private Jet and Benevento Calcio

Wednesday 4 November 2020 Blog, Tips & Hints

Fast Private Jet announces its collaboration as an official partner of Benevento Calcio for the provision of private jet charter

Fast Private Jet, a company operating in private jet charter services, whose mission is to meet all requests, creating and managing unique and exclusive flight experiences for its customers in maximum safety, thanks to consolidated skills and 'extreme dedication team of professionals with twenty years of experience, offers consulting and connection services between business aviation users and private jet operators to offer the best price and quality available on the market.

Fast Private Jet, which has always focused on consolidating relationships and collaborations with organizations that represent Italian excellence, continues to support the importance and passion for sport, of which it shares the values ​​of loyalty, discipline, solidarity and teamwork.

Today Fast Private Jet has chosen to establish a partnership with the football club Benevento Calcio. On the occasion of this collaboration, Fast Private Jet reaffirms its intention to embark on a long journey aimed at becoming the official charter service partner of private jets of professional sports clubs coordinated by the FGCI.

The support of Benevento Calcio for the 2020-2021 football season offers Fast Private Jet the opportunity to reaffirm its closeness to the world of sport and the ideals it transmits such as team play, passion, respect for the rules and commitment to overcoming one's own limits. Sport also breaks down all barriers and brings people together, a fundamental value in the best business culture, a principle that Fast Private Jet has always proudly pursued.

Fast Private Jet proudly joins this partnership with the football club Benevento Calcio: a team that expresses the territory and talents.

Mauro De Rosa - CEO of Fast Private Jet - declares: "With a view to a broader project, which is part of a corporate strategy that aims to affirm the sporting vocation of Fast Private Jet and its being, to all effects, a company rooted in the Italian territory but with an international vocation, we are proud to start this new partnership with the football club Benevento Calcio. It was therefore natural for the company to choose football as a perfect example of commonality of values, through which it was possible to create synergy of the most important Serie A teams such as Benevento Calcio. Another important reason that prompted us to start this partnership is related to the possibility of taking advantage of a wider visibility and promotion of our brand by expanding the audience nationwide. The goal of Fast Private Jet, in fact, is to become a leader in the national and European market in the private jets charter, offering the best quality before, during and after the flight. Being present with our support by offering the team a unique and exclusive flight experience, sharing the values ​​of FairPlay and Team building, allows us to tell a wide audience about our company and its commitment in supporting sporting projects and initiatives, that contribute to the economic and social growth of the Italian territory“.


Born to fill a market vacuum in the offer of private jet services, with a modernly designed structure and with a strong focus on the person and corporate organization as assets and founding values ​​of the business, Fast Private Jet enjoys strong points undisputed, represented by the excellent professionalism of the team and the deep knowledge of the business aviation sector.

A project that took shape thanks to the professional skills of the people who are part of the structure, in combination with the experience gained over the years by Mauro De Rosa, CEO of Fast Private Jet, the founder of the current leading company in Europe in the Very Light Jet sector. Through the implementation of innovative platforms, which today allow in 15 minutes to offer customers any type of aircraft around the world, Fast Private Jet stands out for the proven excellence of the services offered and for the guarantee of flight safety.

It offers private jet charter services all over the world, with a service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meeting any request for any type of flight.

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