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Saturday 23 May 2020 Blog

Truly the first of its class.

If you are looking into chartering a private jet, for a work transfer, or a business trip, Dassault Aviation offers the best solution available with a great classic of 1983 revisited, the Falcon 900LX.

The Falcon 900LX was first produced in 2008, and was then approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) in 2010. It is the latest and most advanced model of the Falcon 900 series.

It is a private jet with an elegant profile, and excellent flight performance. Either for leisure, or for business, this jet certainly offers maximum comfort and minimizes any flight-related stress, above all, due to its carefully designed interiors.

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Technical characteristics of the Falcon 900LX

The Falcon 900LX distinguishes itself by its compact and pointed profile, with a height of 7,55 meters, a length of 20,21 meters, and a wingspan of 21,38 meters.

Mounted are three Honeywell TFE731-60 engines, known for their great efficiency, reduced consumption, and minimal sound emissions.

Two are mounted in the tail end of the fuselage, and one which is positioned below the vertical drift.

These provide the Falcon 900LX with excellent control during both take-off and landing, minimizing shocks as well as risks.

The Honeywell TFE731-60 engines can boast of over 100 million flight hours worldwide, and approximately 11,000 units are currently in use.

Their high operational efficiency allows the Falcon 900LX to reduce fuel consumption by approximately 40%, lowering flight costs and minimizing CO2 emissions.

With a cruising speed of 0.8 Mach, and a maximum registered speed of 0.87, this gem of Dassault Aviation is a direct result of technologies initially developed for the company’s military projects.

More precisely, the Falcon 900LX inherited its aerodynamics, safety features, and incredible handling from Dassault’s combat jets.

Designed for transoceanic and transcontinental trips, this jet has a flight autonomy of 8.800 km and can reach an altitude of 15.000 meters.

These features allow pilots to avoid turbulence, to which the jet is resistant regardless. In case of any turbulence, the Falcon 900LX does not need to slow down and can retain the same cruising speed without any risk.

The interior of the Falcon 900LX: class and comfort

The interior of the cabin is a height of 1,99 meters and a width of 2,34 meters. These dimensions ensure a comfortable journey for the 6 passengers it can accommodate.

The length of 10,11 meters allows for a subdivision of three sections, to work, relax, and rest. Letting passengers fully choose how to use their time on board.

The materials of the fuselage also guarantee unprecedented sound insulation, reducing any external noise by 2db SIL.

The design was determined by the specialized teams at Dassault Aviation, based in Teterboro, in New Jersey, and Le Bourget, in Paris.

The interiors can be personalized, thanks to a wide variety of choices for carpets, lether accessories, electronic equipment, all to ensure you the best travel experience possible.

The carefully polished wood finishes, soft leather, and excellent craftsmanship in seats, armchairs, and sofas that make up the interior make it easy to ignore, or even not notice, the usual stress of flying at the end of your journey.

Really: the seats are perfectly ergonomic, allowing your body to rest and relax without any sign of discomfort.

The cabin controls are placed near the armrests, so as to be both easily accessible, and out of the way so as not to disturb the passengers.

You can also opt for a dual solution in terms of in-flight connectivity: relying on high-en great from Skybox Wireless Media Server technology, or from SATCOM.

Each solution is equally valid and can ensure your business activities remain uninterrupted throughout the flight, providing you with a fast and reliable connection.

These two solutions will let you control the cabin directly from your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, without needing to use the manual commands near the armrests.

The cockpit and crew

The Falcon 900LX requires two pilots, to which you can add another crew member on board.

The cockpit is based on the Combined Vision System FalconEye, which provides complete control of all navigation instruments, optimizing the flight quality and the reaction time of the pilots.

At the same time, the FalconBroadcast, a monitoring tool, offers in real time status reports on the aircraft and events occurring inflight.

The ability to maneuver and control given to the pilots by the Falcon 900LX’s advanced instrumentation makes it one of the safest jets on the market.

Flight stability, reduced fuel consumption, and comfort make the Falcon 900LX the private jet “par excellence”. Why wait? Try the Falcon 900LX and book your flight now at!

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