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Dassault Aviation bewildered the world of private jets yet again with the introduction of the Falcon 7X, in the first quarter of 2007. If you’re looking to book a private jet, be it for business or leisure, you now have another worthy choice at your disposal.

A surprising fact about the Falcon 7X lies in its conception: a jet entirely designed with computers, via instruments such as the CATIA and the PLM. Saving on the countless hours that would normally go into design and model creation, and passing directly onto the construction phase.

The flight performance of the Falcon 7X supersedes that of its predecessor, the Falcon 900, so much so that existing fleets of Falcon immediately seized the opportunity to order the new model upon release.

As example, the French presidential fleet and the Air Force of Australia, Egypt, France and Hungary, for SAR (Search And Rescue) and MedEvac (Medical Evacuation) missions, have all opted for the Falcon 7X.

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The technical characteristics of the Falcon 7X

As with any Falcon, this new model features three engines, two positioned on the tail end of the fuselage and one below the vertical drift.

This configuration of engines is particularly prized by Dassault aviation, providing the aircraft with a greater stability throughout sensitive flight phases when compared to other jets.

The engines in question are new models by Pratt&Whitney Canada, the PW307A. Bringing the jet to a maximum speed of 0.9 Mach and a maximum cruising speed of 0.8 Mach, with a total range of 11.019 km.

This allowed Dassault Aviation to enter the market of transoceanic and intercontinental long-range jets.

The 7X is also characterized by smaller dimensions, as with other Falcons, when compared to similar aircraft as it prioritizes flight experience over seating capacity.

With a 7.83 meter height, a length of 23.38 meters, a wingspan of 26.21 meters, and a 2.34 meter wide fuselage, the Falcon 7X proudly stands up to its name, with the graceful perfection of a true Falcon.   

Flying at a maximum altitude of 15.545 meters, this private jet calmly soars above atmospheric turbulence. Successfully guaranteeing the safety and comfort of its passengers, avoiding any disturbance or hindrances due to the weather.

Again, thanks to it sporting three engines, this aircraft performs superbly on takeoff and landing. Optimizing runway length and performing the necessary maneuvers with a minimum of 1,740 meters and 631 meters respectively, this jet can operate in all major airports in the world.

The cabin of the Falcon 7X: a compact space, yet maximum comfort.

The cabin dimensions are 11.91 x 1.88 x 2.34 meters, accommodating for a greater number of passengers than the maximum authorized of 8… But the interiors we designed with great care to provide a unique experience to all who choose the Falcon 7X for charter, be it for business or leisure.

It is designed with three very comfortable, perfectly proportioned lounge areas:

  • A work or entertainment space, with 4 ergonomic armchairs, intelligent comfort designed to adapt to the body and posture of any passenger. Arranged facing the front of the aircraft;
  • A conference room, or social room, with 4 exceedingly comfortable armchairs placed around a table, with one side of the room unobstructed and an HD TV embedded in the wall;
  • A space to rest and relax, with two front facing sofas, this room allows passengers to enjoy the flight, and fully sit back with accessories at their disposal; the sofas are of the finest craftsmanship.

This generous layout amply recompenses for the limit on bringing any extra passengers, giving the lucky 8 the full comfort and luxury intended and designed by Dassault.

Integrated in the cabin are all of the latest generation accessories indispensable to a jet:

  • touch screen cabin controls concealed in the armrests,
  • fast internet connection,
  • an air exchange system and a depressurization system,
  • soundproofed walls,
  • a fully equipped bathroom,
  • a spacious luggage compartment fully and safely accessible in flight.

The cockpit of the Falcon 7X

The Falcon 7X plans for a crew of 3: 2 pilots and a flight attendant, ready to answer to your needs.

The cockpit has the complete advantage of the EASY II. A system developed by Dassault Aviation, derived by its Man-to-Machine Interface system of control for fighter jets.

The Dassault fighter jets allow pilots complete control, providing accurate and excellent response times on the aircraft, the flight, and the surrounding environment.

Much like all new generation jets, the Falcon 7X also adopts a combined synthetic vision system (SVS) and advanced (EVS, Enhanced Vision System and HUD, Head-Up Display). Further increasing the pilot’s control over the aircraft.

The Falcon 7X is also equipped with Side Stick Controls. A computerized piloting system similar to that of combat fighters, with lateral sticks placed in the cabin for immediate and accurate control of the flight.

With the Falcon 7X, Dassault presents an innovative and revolutionary solution. Adding the comfort of a private jet to the handling and safety of military jets: a winning combination destined to change the world of long-distance travel.

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