Everything you need to know about Gulfstream’s signature private jets.

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In recent years, the private jet purchase and charter sectors have become increasingly successful internationally, in terms of both media and profit.


Among the top American companies manufacturing and developing private jets, you simply can’t ignore Gulfstream Aerospace. For years, this company has introduced high-quality manufacturing, high-tech jets into the global aviation market.


In this article, we will analyze and try to give you an in-depth description of the main characteristics of Gulfstream Aerospace. We aim to reveal all essential details and inspiring features of its most famous and well-known models.

What are the most important features of a business jet? Why use it? Who does?


Before going in depth about the Gulfstream company, it is important to make sure we understand the fundamental characteristics of the various types of business jets in circulation, and why people often make use of them.


Business jets, or private jets, undoubtedly represent efficiency and professionalism. They are defined by their smaller dimensions, strong and light construction materials, and by cutting-edge technology.


Usually these types of aircraft are most often used by groups of businessmen, but are also loved by famous personalities and political figures. All looking to make their travels very fast and pleasant journeys when compared to any other option.


However, private jets can also be used for other crucial needs of transport, such as express parcel delivery, evacuations, and immediate rescue missions.


They are also used by armed forces and public government officials to carry out delicate mandates, above all, ensuring greater security.


What category do Gulfstream’s private jets belong to?


Specifically, this US aviation company is primarily involved in the design, production, and sale of "turbofan" engine business jets.


These are aircraft equipped with a jet engine, which in comparison to the turbojet engine, uses two separate and distinct air flows:


  • The first is a “hot flow”, passing through and supporting all phases and states of the engine.
  • The second is a “cold flow”, as it only passes through the fan and the grid.


This type of engine has been adopted and is now used by most modern jets. For a simple reason: it allows for minimal and reduced fuel consumption, while at the same time producing incredible performance compared to the now superseded turbojet.


In addition, Gulfstream has consistently designed private jets of varied classes and sizes, ranging from large jets to mid-size jets; unwilling to dominate only one category.


Thus, definitively providing its consumers with a business jet suited to satisfying any customer need.


How was Gulfstream aerospace born? When was it founded?


Before delving further into its more renowned jet models, you should know a bit of history. Gulfstream Aerospace first started its operations and production with the development of numerous military aircraft in New York, towards the end of the 1950s .


From there, it began to develop innovative business jets with a twin-engine turboprop aircraft, called the "Grumman Gulfstream I”.


These jets were designed with a carrying capacity of 12 passengers and could travel at a speed of about 560 km / h at a 7620 m level.


These innovative feats contributed significantly to inaugurate the success of business jets.


This led Gulfstream to continuous design and development of increasingly efficient and professional aircraft, such as the Grumman Gulfstream II.


This jet was equipped with a jet engine, which brought about important agreements and influential collaborations with other companies manufacturing civil aircraft, such as American Aviation.


From there, the Grumman Gulfstream III took flight in the late 70s, again, an innovative and exceptional aircraft, capable of reaching a truly incredible range and speed, unusual at that time.


In the following years Gulfstream, constantly and considerably, expanded its professional and commercial horizons.


All this, thanks to their producing and presenting consistently improving aircraft, in both efficiency and sophistication. Known for being capable of performing long-haul flights, as in the case of the Gulfstream V.


The 2000s were a marked year of success and growth on a worldwide scale for Gulfstream.  In part thanks to the opening of numerous factories and maintenance/repair facilities in various parts of the world.


That, and: even more advanced and powerful aircraft were introduced that year, with a high level of comfort and incredible technology. Earning Gulfstream countless important awards and honors.


But which ones?


Here they are:


  • G150
  • G550
  • G250
  • G500
  • G600
  • G650


Currently, Gulfstream manages and operates a main component repair center, and also operates in nine service centers scattered strategically throughout the globe.


This more than testifies to the need to maintain a constant and impressive evolution, in order to achieve an undoubted position of prestige in the production sector of the global aviation market. 


But what are the most celebrated and significant business jet models headed by Gulfstream?


Read on and find out!


The most important business jets by Gulfstream 


Now, you must be wondering what the most popular Gulfstream jet models are, and what their potential and main peculiarities are.


Well, we also took the time to define these in detail, enough to satisfy any curiosity or legitimate concerns you may have.


Here bellow, will follow a list of their best models, describing each important and distinctive feature.


Among the most influential and well-known models of Gulfstream are the G650 aircraft, together with the ER, G550 and G280 versions.


G280: Features and capabilities.


The Gulfstream G280 definitely qualifies as a professional and efficient business jet.


It is able to carry from four to ten passengers on continuous long-haul flights with unprecedented speed.


This aircraft embodies the result of a series of comprehensive, constructive, and technical improvements made to significantly increase the already incredible performance of the G250.


The Gulfstream G250 was replaced and improved upon by the introduction of a more sophisticated and updated version on the market, the G280.


The name change was applied explicitly to demonstrate respect to Israeli culture, as the nation of the G280 producer and the country in which it was developed.


The Gulfstream G280 is a mid-size jet equipped with two efficient turbofan engines, which allow it considerable flight autonomy. It can cover a full radius of 3600 nm.


As you can imagine, this jet also ensures incredible flight performance, especially within a wide radius, with a mach of 0.80, with relatively short flight time and reduced consumption compared to almost any other type of aircraft in its class.


Not to mention, this jet is crafted for high-level comfort.


This is can be seen in its internal circulation systems which pull fresh and pure air from outside, maintaining a pressurized and breathable cabin, even at low altitudes.


This helps considerably reduce the stress flying usually exerts on the vital functions of passengers, letting you arrive at your destination in the best possible psycho-physical condition.


Additionally, the G280 cabin allows you to adjust the disposition of the passenger seats to your liking.


From these seats, you can easily control the temperature, the high-definition entertainment monitor, equipped with a DVD and Blu-ray player, and the lighting.


All this with ease, through the iPod touch of the cabin, or with your smartphone, giving you complete control to fully satisfy your specific needs.


Inside the cabin there is also a satellite phone, with a fast and efficient connection, so you can track the progress of your flight at any time, all the while studying the geographic points of interest.


The Gulfstream G280 is of a reduced size, by its length of 20.40 m and height of 6.50 m. It has an empty weight of 11000 kg, which allow for a considerably light and reliable flight.


Rest assured, the Gulfstream G280 business jet offers excellent performance, incredible control and maneuverability. It is a true testament to amazing avionic capabilities and in some ways, an unbeatable model.


G550: Features and capabilities.


The G550 is one of the Gulfstream's most advanced business jet models, as well as one of the first civil and commercial aircraft to be equipped with an innovative synthetic vision system as a standard.


This incredible private jet is frequently used in many countries for civil, governmental, and military purposes, which can range from mere use as an air taxi, to the official transport of important global political figures.


The Gulfstream G550 is a reliable and large business jet, as it is able to comfortably and safely carry as many as 19 passengers.


It is also equipped with the powerful and efficient turbofan twin-engines by Rolls Royce and enjoys excellent resistance and flight autonomy.


This allows it to fly without stop, anywhere, for more than 12 hours, with a mach of 0.80 and in a maximum range of 6.750 nm.


The Gulfstream G550 is designed for you to enjoy highly comfortable, quiet, and pressurized cabins at very low altitudes.


The internal release of fresh and pure air from outside, combined with exceptional sound suppression technology, and introduction of copious natural light from the oval windows, contribute to significantly relaxing atmosphere on board. All the while keeping the passengers at ease, who, once they reach their destination, will find themselves rested and ready to perform the tasks ahead.


The cabin design of the Gulfstream G550 is both highly refined and flexible, ensuring it is capable of satisfying needs for any type of journey.


Its numerous layouts and entertainment spaces, are designed to relax and entertain passengers as much as possible.


This business jet also has an area designed to be productive, with a fast-wireless network, satellite phone, and a printer / fax.


Making sure to keep any passenger constantly connected, particularly for those who need to use flight hours to work productively.


It is clear the Gulfstream G550 is defined its very advanced technology.


Not the least of which allows the pilots to keep a constant tabs on the flight status and any related information under control, even in situations of poor visibility, so as to ensure a quiet and reliable flight.


G650: Capabilities and peculiarities.


The Gulfstream G650 is the largest and fastest business jet of the Gulfstream line (with a Mach of 0.925). It is often used for political, professional, and governmental purposes at an international level.


This aircraft demonstrates exceptional performance and extraordinary comfort, both of which have earned it numerous awards, and include the following perks:


  • very smooth and easy piloting
  • incredible speed
  • even more silent, spacious, comfortable, and technologically innovative cabin when compared to previous models.


The Gulfstream G650 is a large size jet, as it is able to carry up to 19 passengers with a maximum range of 7000 nm. With unheard-of and uninterrupted speeds, so as to gain valuable time.


Its cabin is the most spacious and comfortable in its class. Thanks to high visual comfort, pleasant attention to detail, and a flexible design, it provides you with anything you need to entertain and relax while on board, in the best possible way.


The Gulfstream G650 also can fly at very low altitudes with a very high cabin pressurization compared to any other business jet.


It refreshes the cabin with pure air every two minutes, in such a way as to guarantee its passengers less fatigue during the journey who, once they arrive at their destination, are optimally rested and ready to carry out their work activities in full force.


In addition to this, connectivity and entertainment are key components of the G650 cabin.


This aircraft offers a wide variety of ways to stay connected during the journey:


  • various Internet options
  • two efficient satellite and multi-channel communication systems
  • a wireless local network
  • printing services
  • satellite phone.


Every single interior detail of the G650 has been designed with notable diligence and professionalism, in order to guarantee complete comfort and control to its passengers.


There is special video and audio equipment, and a tailor made app to ensure a pleasant and easy management of the cabin’s multiple functions.


Like what? Lighting, temperature, and entertainment options, as well as constant monitoring of information on flight progress with simultaneous display of the major points of interest.


If you think it ends here, well… in the years the G650’s entry, a more sophisticated and enhanced version of this jet was designed and built by Gulfstream, dubbed the G650ER.


While this jet seems to present almost the same dimensions as its previous model, it enjoys more up-to-date and qualitative performance, and an increased flight range.


Allowing this new Gulfstream successor, to fly in a range of 13900 km, at a speed of up to 0.85 mach.


To conclude


If you have read this far, you can now understand why Gulfstream is, according to many international experts, one of the best aviation companies in the world. As well as one of the most historic and profitable.


It brings forth continuous evolution and expansion not only of its own plants, but also of its own techniques and technologies. 


This has allowed their aircraft to become some of the best performing and most sought-after private jets internationally.

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