Everything You Need To Know About Booking Private Jet Charters

Friday 16 July 2021 Blog, Tips & Hints

If everyone knew how accessible and realistic it is to hire a private jet charter, everyone would fly in style.

More passengers from commercial flights will think twice about booking a trip in a crowded Airbus. 

Now is the absolute perfect time for bookings for a private jet; just head over to your Google search and begin your investigation. 

During your search, you will come across terms and terminology about aircraft size, types of private jets, but don’t worry, let’s go over some information and gain some knowledge, shall we?

A Charter Broker or Do It Yourself?

Deciding between hiring a charter broker or just doing the research on your own and booking it yourself is entirely up to you as an individual. 

If you find yourself short on time and have extra cash to blow, I suggest using a charter broker through a luxury jet charter company. 

It will save you a lot of stress and headache and leave you more time to plan the things that matter in your life. 

What is a charter broker exactly? The definition is a little challenging to determine if you are new to flying private. 

A charter broker is a company, or a lone middleman, that helps you find the best private flight charter and flight schedule that will suit your needs. 

Charter brokers are the best thing since sliced bread; they are formally trained to know what is helpful for your best flying experience at their company.  

For all those DIY travellers, there is an exciting option when you book your flight. 

“Book your own seat” reservation is a great way to cut expenses and fly with expected strangers and drum up a conversation about the day or weather. 

This option is only for those who don’t mind sharing their flight with another person, couple, or family. 

You will still have the same accommodations in a luxury private jet, with fewer guests and less chaos and cramped space as a commercial flight. 

What Are The Costs of A Personal Jet Aeroplane?

The costs are something important to discuss in any direction you take. 

I don’t know about you; private jet booking should have easy to understand fees, seen by the naked eye. 

Fees and costs are addressed in the beginning stages of booking a charter and availability.
Simple charter flights run closely to about $100 for a one-hour flight for a business charter with a close destination. 

Priced at $40,000 to take a private flight across the United States or travel to Europe and exchange your money into euros.

With a small jet ranging from 3500 and €5000/hour, the jet’s type is listed from a turboprop to a light jet. 

The most challenging decision; is choosing a mid-size to a larger jet for longer trips; the price point range is about 6,000 and €9000 / hour.

Depending on what avenue you choose, a strong possibility of a shared charter could have an increased rate compared to booking a single seat within another flight, including one way. 

Where do I start my search?

Now, understanding how you go about booking a private jet, if you have chosen to go through this alone, of course, you are looking up information online. 

The central question is, how to book a private jet online? 

Internet searches are complicated and lengthy; the million-dollar question regarding finding the correct price point, size, and flight schedule for your destination. 

Tips to search to book private jet online

Research. Research. Research; this method will not only gain you an honorary education in all things luxury jet charter travel; it will get you accustomed to the trends, and you learn where to save and splurge when it comes to travel on a private aircraft. 

Dip your toes in the sky with a one-way trip; sounds pretty logical, but it is worth it; not only is it more cost-effective, but you can also decide whether you would like a round trip after you reach your location. One way deals are plentiful, and if you did your research, you might have found a great broker to help you along your journey, as well. 

Get acquainted with the term “Empty Leg” flights; this is the prize when the goal is to save on costs for a personal jet aeroplane. Depending on whom you speak to or what article you read, there isn’t enough information touting this flight and, including the benefits of these flights and the empty capacity. Either the private jet is returning to their home airport or dropping off at a destination, which will continue to help with the costs, so you can further enjoy your holiday.


This information will help you on your way to enjoying a luxurious private jet charter.

Use these tips to build upon what may work for you, and try and enjoy the journey into the full-service accommodations provided by Fast Private Jet, one of the leading companies in Europe.

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