Emerging Travel Trends for Private Jet Companies

Friday 1 October 2021 Blog, Tips & Hints

As we know, Covid-19 has affected travel since 2020. As we are making our way into 2022, we see some travel trends emerging for private jet companies that quickly increase demand. 

The pandemic has made everyone more aware of traveling since the opportunity to travel was taken away. Now we are constantly aware of our distance and safety every time we go out. With traveling, more people are aware and have expressed concerns.  Today, we will talk about some trends that have affected private jet companies because of the pandemic.

Covid has led to the awareness of everyone's lifestyle, including everyday living. That awareness will not go away quickly, so it is expected that these trends will last for quite some time.

Whether or not covid takes over or goes away, these trends for travel will still be in high demand. 

5 Rising Travel Trends

Here are 5 travel trends private jet companies have experienced due to the effects of the pandemic. There is no telling how long these trends will last. For now, let’s dive right in.

Growth of Contactless Payments  


As the tech industry grows, it has made its way into current and upcoming travel trends. Private jet companies have made the payment process safer and more accessible for everyone. According to a McKinsey survey, “companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and their internal operations by three to four years.”

Now companies like Fast Private Jet are offering contactless payments, such as paying with cryptocurrencies. Fast Private Jet and other companies are starting to accept cryptocurrencies for secure payments. 

Safety and Cleanliness

private jet cleaning

Another demand and emerging trend that has increased due to the pandemic is cleanliness and safety. No one ever really recognized how many germs they were exposed to during traveling until Covid-19 came.

Now that the world is opening up, people still expect cleanliness, mainly because Covid is still around. Even when covid ends, whenever that will be, everyone has gotten so used to being aware of who they're in contact with and everything they touch.

Private jet companies were already safer choices regarding less exposure of people, but they have also stepped up their cleaning practices.  

Blend Business and Leisure

Blend Business and Leisure

According to the Harvard Business Review, digital nomads rose from 7.3 million in 2019 to10.9 million in 2020. Digital Nomads earn a living by working anywhere, such as their home, foreign countries, coffee shops, and co-working spaces.

Due to the increase of digital nomads, there has been an emergency of blending business with leisure travels. Since digital nomads can work from anywhere, there's no need to rush to get back to a home office or to a physical company.

Travel in luxury on a private jet to have a flight catered towards you, where you can relax on your flight before dealing with business.

Better Service & Experience

Better Service & Experience

Overall there's an increasing demand for better service and a better experience.

Unfortunately, this can be a challenge because there have been many short-staffed companies, especially with hotels that are still adjusting to recovering from the lockdown.

Not only that, there are many high expectations since people haven’t traveled in a while. This expectation has led to the demand for a more personalized experience. 

A private jet experience has the perfect approach to attending to their flyers’ every need and giving them the best experience. After not traveling for a while, it's understandable to make every trip memorable and personalized. 

Increase in Private Jet Usage

Increase in Private Jet Usage

Our final trend is seeing an increase in the usage of private jets. Booking private jets relates to the safety and cleanliness we mentioned earlier. Charting a private jet allows people to feel more comfortable and relaxed during travels.

With commercial flying, you don’t know who you will be sitting next to. Before Covid, it seemed like everyone was sitting a little too close for comfort. Now with our Covid experience, we are very much aware of the spacing.

Therefore people are more comfortable flying on private jets to get a more personal and safe experience.

Final thoughts

It is interesting to see the new trends that have emerged due to Covid. Whether the future includes covid or not, these demands are still going to remain. 

Remember Fast Private Jet is there to offer safe and personalized experiences wherever you are going.

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