Discovering the Gulfstream G650 jet

Wednesday 30 October 2019 Blog

Are you curious to find out about new features and facts on the Gulfstream G650 business jet, perhaps, as you are browsing for information on booking a private jet?

Then you are in the right place: we’ll outline everything we know of the cost, features, and curiosities of this beautiful aircraft.

What is the Gulfstream G650?

The Gulfstream G650 is the private jet offering the greatest autonomy compared to all other models of its category. This aircraft will connect you from Dubai to New York or Paris to New York without any stops.

It is the fastest long-range business jet on the market: equipped with 2 Rolls Royce turbofan engines, it offers a powerful cruising speed.

The cabin can accommodate up to 18 passengers with extremely comfortable seats, and is divided into 3 separate lounge areas.

The G650 is equipped with the latest technology, as seen in its advanced turbulence detection and noise reduction systems. Its cabin is one of the quietest on the market.

This business jet integrated a new air circulation system, rather than recirculating the same air for the duration of the flight. This was added with the aim of preserving the well-being of passengers, who, with fresh air, can better relax while on board.

The Gulfstream G650 offers a wide range of services. It even lends itself to customization and can adapt the interiors to the preferences of its passengers and/or its owners.

Inside the cabin there is a useful separate compartment for crew members, in order to offer more privacy to passengers.

Features of the Gulfstream G650

One of the main features of this jet is its extremely long and wide cabin, a space that offers a flawless flight experience. That, and it happens to be the fastest civilian aircraft in operation.

This twin-engine business jet has excellent take-off and landing performance, a high reverse traction control system, and optimized wing aerodynamics.

The cockpit is of the most technologically advanced. There is no doubt the Gulfstream G650 is an aircraft that offers exceptional comfort, performance, and advanced flight safety features.

Let's look at the technical features of this private jet:

  • Length 30.41 m
  • Height 7.72 m
  • Maximum speed 956 km / h
  • Rolls-Royce engines BR725 A1-12
  • Maximum altitude 15.545 m
  • Crew 2
  • Passengers up to 19
  • Interior width 2.24 m
  • Cabin height 1.95 m

What is the cost of the Gulfstream G650?

The price of this sublime aircraft is 68 million dollars.

The reason for its high price is simple: this aircraft is equipped with all the necessary features considered to make it one of the best business jets on the market.

At the time of purchase, buyers choose one of 12 different floor plans and can customize the jet according to their needs.

Included are several plasma TVs, and an app for iPhones that can be used to control screens, lighting, and other entertainment features.

The windows of the cockpit allow pilots to see the tips of the aircraft's wings, an extremely useful feature for ground navigation.

The Gulfstream G650 is also equipped with cameras installed in the lower half to see below the plane.

This Enhanced Vision System is able to project infrared images of what the cameras see, directly in the pilot's head-up display.

Is it possible to charter a Gulfstream jet?


Of course. In our case, Fast Private Jet, offers you two Gulfstream for charter, the 450 and the 550.


Why choose to charter a private jet for your travels?

Travelling by plane has become both the most comfortable and the safest means of transport. This, at a convenient time, as traveling for work is increasingly common and widespread.

Deciding to book a jet is an excellent solution if you want to travel comfortably, guarantee your privacy, and avoid the usual waiting times at the airport.

Of late, private jet charter services have become increasingly sought after and advantageous.

This sector of aviation is constantly growing, chosen by many professionals and companies to suit their business needs.

Until recently flying with a private jet was only accessible to few, it is now quickly becoming a widespread service, and a fantastic solution to improve the quality of your travels!

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