Discovering the Embraer Lineage

Friday 15 November 2019 Blog

Are you looking for more information on the Embraer Lineage jet, perhaps because you are considering chartering a private jet?


Then continue reading this article, you will discover its features, cost, and history!


What is the Embraer Lineage?



A luxurious business jet with a cabin of over 280 cubic meters, the Embraer Lineage comes at a high price and is one of the most popular private jets of the moment.


This aircraft can feature in its interior up to five spacious cabin zones equipped with any desired comforts, and can adjust into various configurations to suit your needs. Including a bedroom, a meeting room, and bathrooms.


In addition, this jet offers a variety of options for onboard entertainment.


The Embraer Lineage 1000 is the next generation version of the Embraer 190. It has a range of 8223 km, can accommodate up to 19 passengers, and accounts for a crew of two or three people.


When compared with the Embraer E-19, the most significant change in the Embraer 1000 is the added fuel tanks. These are located in the lower deck and nearly double the autonomy of the aircraft.


The Embraer Lineage is known as one of the best choices among business jets.


It is distinguished by elegant interiors, is extremely comfortable, and widely regarded as complete, on all points. 


The cabin of the Lineage 1000 is particularly interesting: it offers twice the space compared with any aircraft of similar dimensions, and the services offered onboard are worth noting.


There are hundreds of ways to customize this aircraft and make it your own ideal environment; among these, you can have cutting-edge audio and entertainment systems installed.


High-speed internet is another crucial detail, indispensable for travelling company executives, facilitating work throughout the flight.



Embrear Lineage 1000: who is it for? 


The Brazilian company, Embraer, is renowned in the industry, contributing 37 years of manufacturing excellence to the aviation sector.


In 2006, the Lineage 1000 entered the private jet market, its arrival presented an ultra large jet clearly superior to the Embraer 190.


This twin-engine aircraft, specifically with 2 General Electric CF34-10E turbo engines, has exceptionally wide interior and external luggage compartments. Making this jet very convenient for long-haul trips.


The Embraer Lineage 1000 is a perfect solution for those who do not necessarily need a huge aircraft, and would rather not settle for more compact jets. It is a very popular compromise.


The Lineage 1000 gives pilots the tools to fly the aircraft in complete safety, even without a computer.Meaning that, should anything go wrong, pilots can take manual control of the situation.


With this, they can use their training to respond to any unexpected problems; an extremely crucial and fundamental feature these days.


What are the features of the Embraer Lineage 1000?


Let's outline the details of this private jet:


  • Classification: large jet
  • Seats: 16
  • Length: 36.24 m
  • Wingspan: 28.72
  • Height: 10.28
  • Internal height: 1.97m
  • Width: 2.66 m
  • 2 turbo fan engines: General Electric CF34-10E
  • Maximum speed 890 km / h
  • Autonomy 8344 km
  • 5-zone cabin
  • Compartments for external and internal luggage
  • Versatile take-off and landing capabilities, especially in the Lineage 1000E
  • Comfort and size


What is the cost of the Embraer Lineage 1000?


The price of this illustrious model is 43 million dollars. The Embraer Lineage 1000 and the updated 1000E models are among the largest business jets available on the market.


The lineage combines a long flight range with a very spacious cabin. The Lineage 1000E (which was updated in 2013) has more versatile landing capabilities and, for example, can land at airports such as London City Airport.


The dimensions of the Embraer Lineage 1000 make it suitable for landing in most international airports and its aerodynamics have been improved, allowing the aircraft to fly much longer journeys.


Truly, this private jet combines perfect size, speed, and great efficiency: a real jewel in its category!


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