Discovering the Cessna Citation Longitude

Monday 28 October 2019 Blog

Looking for information on the Cessna Citation Longitude, perhaps, while considering booking a private jet?

Then carry on reading, we're going to discover what it has to offer.

The Cessna Citation Longitude is a business jet, it is the larger version of the Citation Latitude, and unlike the latter, it is characterized by a greater autonomy.

The cabin of the Cessna Citation Longitude was designed to offer maximum comfort during the flight. It offers ample space and also has a large luggage area.

This aircraft is a true revolutionary in the business jet world: no aircraft with similar dimensions can offer the same level of autonomy and speed for your flight.

Additionally, the aircraft has an extremely quiet cabin and is among the private jets that make business travel easier.

Equipped with the most advanced electronic systems in the industry, its ergonomic design focuses on comfort so as to accommodate the crew as well.

With the Cessna Citation Longitude, you can get to your destination relaxed and rested: its configuration offers ample space for your legs and all seats are fully reclining.

The natural light inside the aircraft is better than in other business jets. The Cessna Citation Longitude has as many as 15 large windows placed to give you optimal views for the entire duration of the flight.

Seen from the outside, its windows have similar dimensions to those of other planes: in reality, they are larger and strategically positioned to provide the best view for passengers.

Inside the aircraft you can make full use of the Wi-Fi, and if you must work, you can be productive while also relaxing throughout the journey.

The seating arrangement can be adjusted according to the purpose of your flight. If you need to work the seats can be positioned in “meeting mode”, otherwise staying in relaxation mode.

As for the more technical characteristics of this fantastic business jet:

  • Autonomy 6346 km
  • Maximum capacity for passengers 8-12
  • Honeywell HTF7000 engine
  • Length 22.30 m
  • Width 5.92 m
  • Width of the wings 21.01 m

Another peculiarity of this aircraft lies in the fact that the pilots have complete touch-screen control of the navigation systems.

The performance of the Honeywell HTF7000 engine

The Cessna Citation Longitude has been manufactured since 2017 by Textron Aviation.

The number of passengers and luggage can greatly affect its performance, as the total weight changes certain characteristics.

Honeywell engines are designed for reduced fuel flow, and the aerodynamic design of the aircraft helps reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.

All this, helps distinguish the Cessna Citation Longitude among the best on the market in terms of price and quality.

The speed of this jet varies considerably throughout the flight, in climb, while cruising, and in its descent.

The advanced cabin management system offers passengers the ability to use touch-screen control panels for lights and temperature, ensuring a completely interactive experience.

As already mentioned, the Citation Longitude includes Wifi with high speed internet, as well as external and internal cameras, and satellite radios.

The aircraft cabin is equipped with an espresso machine and a microwave oven. There is also a private luggage compartment.

What is the cost of this splendid jet?

The value of the Cessna Citation Longitude is of 24 million dollars, comparable to the cost of the Challenger 350 and the G280.

Maximum comfort for a private jet.

The Cessna Citation Longitude has the quietest cabin in its category and can therefore give you an extremely comfortable travel experience.

Is it possible to charter a Cessna?

Absolutely: Cessna business jets are included among the numerous private jets for charter in our company, Fast Private Jet.

You can experience a flight on any of our beautiful aircraft, take advantage of the services on board, and reach your designated destination in a convenient and fast way, at competitive price!

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