Discovering the Boeing 787 private jet

Monday 28 October 2019 at 11:18 Blog

Do you travel frequently by private jet charter, and have recently heard whispers about the Boeing 787 private jet? Would you like to know more about this wonderous aircraft?

Then you’re in the right place, because we are about to take a trip inside this luxurious aircraft!

The Boeing 787 is considered to be the most luxurious private jet in the world. It has enough space to accommodate 40 passengers with its bedrooms and designated relaxation areas.

This is a jet that is worth hundreds of millions. Its commercial counterpart can accommodate between 240 to 335 passengers, but the purpose of this private aircraft is entirely different.

The Boeing 787 VVIP has been dismantled and revamped: among its internal modifications you will find many variations; all integrating the best technologies on the market.

The design is curated to the minutest detail, from the upholstery, the furniture, lights, TV, up to the grand bathroom with its extremely spacious shower.

The main room is characterized by two large dining tables, thoroughly laden with the meal of the day. Diner is served with refined cutlery, carafes made of glass, and precious glasses.

Towards the back of the plane there are also 18 seats, constituting a real "business class".

The latter is equipped with comfortable reclining chairs to accommodate for any additional guests.

But what do the other sections of the jet contain?

Dining rooms, lounges, private bedrooms, and even a cinema!

This splendid twin-engine was commissioned by a multimillionaire who wanted to recreate the Boeing 787 in its entirety.

The cost of this operation?

$ 324 million.

The Dreamliner B787 Dream jet is the largest jet in the world!

Impossible to purchase any tickets ... but you can charter the entire plane at a rate of 24,000 euros per hour.

The interior of this fantastic aircraft resembles that of a luxury hotel: spacious suites, cinema hall, comfortable armchairs, and refined furnishing detail.

The main room can accommodate up to 16 passengers at a time and is endowed with sofas and dining tables. For guests who wish to rest, there is a bedroom with a hidden tv.

The bathrooms are covered in marble.

Inside the Boeing 787 it is also not uncommon to find designated meeting rooms to work in flight.

If all that isn’t enough: this jet has an autonomy of nearly 18 hours and guarantees maximal comfort throughout the flight.

The Boeing 787 even has an area dedicated for the staff, ensuring you fly in complete privacy. Knowing this, guests can fly for business or relax freely.

This aircraft is an emblematic 5-star hotel soaring above the clouds; a twin-engine with a commercial twin used by the most well-known airlines in the world for its capacity and performance.

Curious facts about the Boeing 787

Here are some interesting facts about the Boeing 787:

  • The interiors were realized by the French designer Jacques Plerrejean.
  • Its cabin is integrated with an automation system controlling the lights via iPad
  • There is a Movie Room with armchairs and mega screen (guaranteed to feel like a real cinema)
  • The comfortable sofas can convert to beds
  • The lights are relaxing, as are the decorations
  • Plates, vases, trays, and glasses are all strictly silver, crystal, and ceramic
  • The onboard menus measure up to the best restaurants

Why is the Boeing 787 also called "VVIP"?

The Boeing 787 is nicknamed “VVIP” thanks to the exclusive services it offers, but above all, by its undeniable popularity among VIPs.

What are the main routes taken by these titans of the skies (and those most requested by celebrities)?

Here’s what we’ve found:

  • London-Beijing, one of the most popular routes
  • London-Hong Kong
  • London-Los Angeles

Recently the operator started working on tailoring to new destinations, given the market impact of this jet and the feedback they received; the idea is to increase the routes.

This wonderful Boeing is also nicknamed "the flying attic": it offers a luxurious ambience with a 42-inch TV and everything you would need to relax while traveling.

This dream jet is capable of combining luxury, comfort, and efficiency, all in one model. A titan of the skies that hardly goes unnoticed!

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