Cryptocurrency: that's why you should use it to travel

Friday 24 April 2020 Blog

Why use cryptocurrency to travel by private jet.

Do you travel often for work, maybe by private jet? have you been advised to use cryptocurrency, or digital currency while traveling abroad? Who told you about it is certainly not wrong. Do you think that we at Fast Private Jet also accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method for our private jet chartering service!

Today we want to talk to you about all the advantages of using cryptocurrency to travel, and how you can use it to enjoy its benefits during your business and pleasure trips.

1) Avoid difficulties and currency conversion fees during international travel

When traveling abroad, converting money to local currency and bringing cash with you can be really annoying. Not to mention the conversion fees and what you should pay if you choose to shop with a card.

Cryptocurrency eliminates these problems as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital currencies are global. They are used by companies and consumers all over the world, therefore it is not necessary to convert them to use them abroad.

This peculiarity of cryptocurrencies (ie being "global") also avoids you having to travel with lots of cash.

2) With the use of digital coins you reduce the costs and times of international transactions.

If you need to receive or send money in Italy and you are in a foreign country, you will know that making an international transfer, sending money with PayPal or using other classic methods involves paying high commissions.

Furthermore, if the transfer of money is considered "suspicious", the sum may remain blocked for a some time.

With cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, international payment commissions are very low, and the time for receiving money is almost immediate (generally 15 minutes).

This is also why we at Fast Private Jet have chosen to accept payment with cryptocurrency. Our customers can book a flight from a foreign country without having to pay very high commissions, and the times in which we receive the money (and therefore we block a flight for a customer) are very fast.

With us you can book a flight in a private jet from any state without having to calculate thousands of euros in commissions, or think about the long time your company receives your money.

What are you waiting for? Book your private jet flight now by paying with digital coins!

3) No to fraud after using credit cards (if you use cryptocurrency)

When you use your credit or debit cards internationally, you are actually showing your credentials to unknown merchants. Such merchants could expose your data - voluntarily or involuntarily - to attackers.

Have you ever had to pay in a foreign store and then to see your money disappear from the debit card? Yes, for us and for this reason we had to block the card and wait for the investigation to be completed to receive the money back.

Think if we had had only one card that day: we could have paid only with the cash left, and wait over a week to receive a new card from the bank!

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are practically unassailable by even the best hackers, and even if someone manages to pierce a blockchain it would not benefit greatly. On the contrary: the electricity spent to fine-tune the intrusion would cost much more than the value of digital coins that it would be able to obtain after many hours of work.

Cryptocurrency therefore solves one of the major problems of international travelers, namely fraud. User credentials are well protected (as payments are anonymous) and the risk of fraud is zero.

4) Using cryptocurrencies allows you to carry little cash with you.

Pickpockets are one of the biggest problems of international travelers. If you are in a foreign country and you look like a tourist (or at least a non-resident in the place), you know that being targeted by a snatcher is a very common possibility.

Using digital coins allows you both to carry a little cash with you, and to have a valid alternative if someone robbed you.

Your encrypted coins are in fact saved in your online wallet, which you can access from any digital device - and at any time -. Just remember not to absolutely write your credentials on paper!

5) Often having a wallet of cryptocurrencies allows you to spend more than what you could pay with fiat coins.

It is not uncommon for banks to refuse to issue more than a certain amount of cash when in a foreign country.

If you use cryptocurrency you don't have this problem: you can spend as much as you want, and this possibility can really make a difference during your trip abroad. With digital coins you have no spending limits (except those relating to the amount of money in your online wallet).

In conclusion

Using crypto currency is really convenient for those who travel abroad often. In this article we have explained all the reasons for this statement, also explaining that you can also pay with digital coins to book a flight with Fast Private Jet.

What are you waiting for? Charter your private jet now and use cryptocurrency as a payment method: you will see that you can no longer do without it!

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