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Wednesday 4 March 2020 Blog

The features and peculiarities exclusive to this magnificent aircraft.

When you want to travel safely and pleasantly by charter of a private jet, the Cessna Citation XLS + aircraft is one of the best choices you can make.

But let's explore why you should opt for this model, and what are the different features that make it unique from every standpoint (and that will ensure a maximum performance during your business trip).

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Citation XLS + and technology

When we consider this model of aircraft, technology is a factor not lacking, on the contrary, it is what ensures every flight phase can be tackled efficiently and without any difficulty.

To better understand why the Citation XLS + may be an optimal choice for you, it is good to carefully analyze the peculiarities that make it stand out, and that ensure any trip can be approached with great pleasure.

The PRO LINE 21 system of the Citation XLS +

A key element making this a technological and avant-garde means of transport is the Pro Line 21 piloting system, providing the best type of security possible throughout the journey.

The pilots in the cockpit with the commands, are provided a complete mapping of the climate conditions in the section ahead in the course.

This means, any climatic changes come at no surprise, nor will they negatively affect the journey.

Instead, thanks to this information, the pilots have the time needed at their disposal to adopt maneuvers that transform the journey into a completely safe experience, with no discomfort.

Thanks to the XM WX Weather Satellite connection, all information can be known in real time by the pilots, thus avoiding any complication and ensuring the trip can be carried out safely and masterfully.

The console

Another peculiarity in the cockpit is the immense and varied flight instrumentation with which the Citation XLS + aircraft is equipped, which in safety makes it second to none.

Flight systems ensure that every piece of information, such as distance to be traveled and other data that must be known, is quickly examined by pilots.

These have a fully touch screen 8x10 inches display at their disposal, which allows them to adopt any relevant safety maneuver and carry out the journey optimally.

Another essential aspect is the rapid response of the controls, which guarantees the highest level of safety during the flight.

With this combination of technology, travelling in total serenity is possible, even in less than optimal conditions.

The quality of the Citation XLS + structure

Another important factor to consider, is how the structure of this aircraft has been specifically designed for long journeys, guaranteeing a maximum level of stability during the flight.

The material distinguishing the wings ensures that safety is an omnipresent feature.

Take-off is experienced with extreme precision, due to the particular shape of the reinforced wings, which even with the maximum number of passengers onboard do not strain excessively and therefore avoids creating potentially dangerous situations.

This aspect ensures you have the opportunity to enjoy all comforts within the plane, without needing to focus on the journey.

The peculiarities related to comfort

The Citation XLS + perfectly represents the concept of maximum level comfort.

Here are the fundamental aspects that make this model an easy choice, no need to think twice.

  • 12 seats and ample space. The first aspect linked to comfort is the size of the passenger cabin, which accommodates up to 12 people. Able to travel together without any complications due to confined spaces. This factor is naturally followed by the interiors of the Citation XLS +, which make every single trip perfect from every standpoint. If you aim to travel in a completely different way compared to scheduled airline flights, you should know the Citation XLS + will ensure there are no tight spaces, so that you may enjoy your trip comfortable and relaxed.
  • Ergonomic armchairs upholstered with a material that gives the feeling of complete relaxation of your back, these let you avoid any kind of discomfort and other complications that might arise from a long working trip.
  • The interior space was studied with extreme care: you will not have the feeling of being constrained inside the passenger cabin, which, with its size, will welcome you in a royal manner.

The only flaw lies in the lack of state-of-the-art entertainment systems, a factor which could make your trip less enjoyable than expected, and slightly boring.

This aircraft model will still be able to answer your needs if you love to travel in total comfort and you will be amazed by the quality of the interiors, which will surely leave you breathless by their beauty.

Taking advantage of this model, namely the Citation XLS +, is an optimal choice if you want to travel in total relaxation, comfort, and above all, safety.

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