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Sunday 23 February 2020 Blog

Here goes a race car with wings, capable of surprising you

Would you like to charter a private jet, and are looking into information on various models?

We came prepared: in the previous articles, we discussed jets such as the Challenger 350 and the Praetor 600. For the moment however, we’ll outline everything we know on the super midsize jet, Citation X+.

Let’s start by outlining the different technical characteristics it offers, able to transform any business trip into a pleasant experience.

Cessna Citation X+: An excellent display of flight control

The foremost characteristic to make the Citation X+ unique, is the Garmin G5000 command console.

It is a set of devices able to transmit fundamental data: climate conditions, altitude, and more. Such information guarantees a high level of safety throughout the flight

Beyond this, with the swift responsivity of the various commands, the pilots are certain to be able to adopt immediate actions to improve any situation, preventing potential complications throughout the journey.

Simplicity and technology unite perfectly in this model, offering a maximum level of safety for every journey, whether a short or a long-haul flight, without any major differences in quality.

Citation X+: A super fast aircraft

The engines of the Citation X+ make it possible for every flight to be completed swiftly.

Thanks to the power provided by these, the aircraft can reach a maximum speed of approximately 1000 kilometers per hour.

Really, and while the aircraft accelerates to reach this speed, you won’t notice a thing. The aircraft structure was specifically designed to guarantee the highest level of safety, and above all, to ensure you feel minimal vibrations during acceleration.

In terms of altitude, this plane can climb to a height of about 15 thousand meters.

The view, if you wish, can be admired through one of the 13 windows integrated in the passenger cabin. Ensuring you can sit back, and relax while enjoying the natural landscape of the skies.

The wings of the Citation X+ and their performance

The wings on this private jet were designed with a particular shape, letting the aircraft reach its speed and altitude in simplicity, with ease, while providing complete stability throughout the journey.

The reinforcement of the wings and the engines inserted under these, ensure the landing and take-off phase can be optimally handled.

Take-off is decidedly simple, thanks to this structure, both light and compact.

Let’s discuss rather, all aspects related to comfort and efficiency, which make the Citation X+ ideal for business trips.

Comfort of the Citation X+: The passenger cabin

Inside the cabin, you will enjoy the comfortable passenger seats, completely ergonomic and able to adapt optimally to your body.

The seats are adjustable, and will ensure that you will be able to completely relax once on board the Citation X+.

Or, if you rather, you can finish working on or reviewing your strategy for your business trip, making use of the various tables available between the seats.

Also integrated in the cabin is a practical console that will allow you to:

  • browse online
  • choose the interior temperature of the passenger cabin
  • review the same information received by the pilots, as your console is connected directly to the pilot’s cabin console

Furthermore, you will be able to take advantage of the luggage hold, which will ensure your personal and work effects remain with you. Without any chance of losing these.

One downside of this aircraft that can be noted however, lies in the absence of any entertainment systems.

Any screens you would usually expect, are totally absent, and the same can be said of Wi-Fi connection.

On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to concentrate further on your work, as there will be no distractions of any kind.

Alternatively, if you prefer having an entertainment system on board, contact us and we will know how to meet your every need!

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