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Monday 2 March 2020 Blog

Elegant and efficient. The history, peculiarities, and characteristics of this magnificent aircraft.

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In the previous articles, we discussed the Citation X+ and the Challenger 350 in detail. For this article, we delve into an aircraft with a written part in the history of business aviation, the Citation Sovereign+.

This jet offers a set of truly unique characteristics, which will transform your journey into an instance of pleasure and relaxation.

A brief history of the Citation Sovereign+

This jet was conceived by Cessna, through the aircraft production company’s sheer will and determination.

The ultimate goal was to reduce the difficulties encountered up until the 1980’s, particularly in the production of mid-sized aircraft equipped with cutting-edge technology, offering the maximum level of reliability and comfort for business travellers.

Thanks to years of research, not without ever-increasing competition, Cessna created the Citation Sovereign +, which saw the light in 2013.

Power and stability, with the Citation Sovereign+

Two peculiarities that come to distinguish this model are the winglets and the two engines.

The engines give the Citation Sovereign+ the ability to travel at a solid speed, reducing the overall wait time you will have to reach your destination.

Silent and powerful, these engines will ensure even your most complex transfers remain thoroughly pleasant experiences.

Fuel consumption is limited as much as possible, this reduces the cost of flying, thereby reducing your charter cost almost drastically. A factor which will certainly guarantee you enjoy your flight.

The winglets were designed to accompany every movement of the aircraft, softening maneuvers seamlessly.

Whether at the moment of take-off, or any other flight phase, the Citation Sovereign + makes every moment of your flight a pleasant one.

You will find this aircraft a worthy choice for any business trip, for either short distances or longer trips, the Citation Sovereign+ delivers.

Virtual reality and flight

An important point of innovation that can be found in this aircraft, is the virtual reality system available to pilots before the flight.

This system allows them to gather an overview of all possible occurrences and obstacles for the journey, having full advantage of this information even before take-off.

With this information, the pilots then take every possible measure to avoid the flight becoming unpleasant in any way.

Virtual reality is a system designed with safety in mind, ultimately created to prevent unwanted surprises that could turn your trip into an ugly one.

Cutting-edge commands

Another interesting aspect, is that of the commands integrated in the cockpit, which include the Central Diagnostics Maintenance.

With these commands, the pilots can obtain information in real time on any variations or deviations which can occur in flight.

The Garmin navigator, then lets them receive indications of the climate conditions. Therefore, any turbulence or other complications of the kind can easily be averted.

Consequently, these peculiar technologies make it possible for your journey to be as safe as can be.

The interiors of the Citation Sovereign+

The style defining the interiors of the Citation Sovereign+ is impressive enough to perhaps even leave your jaw on tarmac.

This is because the materials used are all of high quality, starting with the practical and comfortable armchairs.

The passenger cabin consists of 9 seats: ensuring you and your team are comfortably accommodated onboard the Citation Sovereign+.

Some small missing elements however, are the work tables and entertainment consoles, would have made any trip on this jet inherently complete.

This restraint will perhaps not matter too much depending on your needs; after all, the immense level of comfort will be more than enough to make your journey ideal in every way.

Elegant and efficient, the Citation Sovereign+ will let you take on any business trip seamlessly.

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