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Friday 21 February 2020 Blog

The history and characteristics of this aircraft.

The choice to charter a private jet is always valid, especially for business trips of short, medium, and long distances.

Even more if you wish to charter a model of the caliber that Cessna Aircraft Company offers, a sure choice when it comes to planning your business trips. And the Cessna Citation Latitude (Model 680A), is proven as one of the most requested aircraft for business travel.

In the latest articles, we gave an overview of the characteristics the Citation Sovereign+ and the Citation X+ offer, two other private jets signed by Cessna.

This article however, will consider the Cessna Citation Latitude, its history and peculiarities.

Let’s get started.

The Citation Latitude: a bit of a history.

The Cessna Citation Latitude (Model 680A) is one of the most appreciated jets among businessmen.

Its design and production date to 2014, but it was first introduced 3 years prior, at the US National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

Among the important milestones achieved by this aircraft, its prototype, which was first released on February 18th 2014, obtained FAA certification on the 5th of June 2015 only shortly after, and then promptly delivered to clients the 27th of August 2015. 

The design and production entirely taking place at the Cessna Aircraft Company seat in Kansans, Wichita.

Technical details of the Citation Latitude.

The Cessna Citation Latitude is a worthy business jet with a medium range, distinguished by a wing span of 50,4 square meters.

Another characteristic, is its maximum capacity of 9 passengers. Just like its predecessor, the Citation Sovereign, this aircraft has a circular fuselage, a horizontal tail empennage with a cross configuration, and an even cabin floor.

The two engines of this jet deserve their own special mention: the renowned American Cessna company decided to integrate the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306 PW306D1 version engines.

The Avionics of the Cessna Citation Latitude.

The avionics of this business jet are all about the Garmin 5000 system. Which is a typical touch avionics system for first generation jets.

Its features have brought important updates on many private jets, especially those sold between 2012 and 2016.

In order, here is what it offers:

  • Flight commands via touchscreen: Garmin, a giant in the development of technologies, created the G5000 avionics system. Which renders the cabin more functional, and reduces the weight of the operating system by about 200 kilos. A not insignificant upgrade, certainly.
  • Three 14-inch displays: there are high resolution and offer an interactive experience to the pilots with two touchscreen controls. How is this possible? Through various custom layouts available.
  • The TAWS-A alerts, the ADS- B out, SafeTaxi, and FilteCharts are all standard functions. While Synthetic Vision and CartView (Jeppesen) are two of the most popular optional features. The same applies to turbulence detection, ground clutter-suppression, the digital weather radar, and wireless connection in the cabin and cockpit.

Being able to rely on a wireless connection is always an added bonus, as you are used to working inflight on the way to an important meeting. Taking advantage of advanced technologies, aimed at preventing any turbulence, means travelling in complete comfort.

The integration of the Garmin G5000 avionics, present on the Cessna Citation Latitude began in 2018. It brought with it a series of useful functions, for example the mode for changing flight levels, combined with the go-around capacity, the emergency descent function, vertical navigation, and much more.

Performance of the Citation Latitude.

The performance of this aircraft is great overall.

Optimal handling of both the take-off and landing phase, it performs particularly well on shorter runways, in elevated temperatures throughout the year, and in airports located at higher altitudes.

Characteristics of the passenger cabin.

Of the Cessna family, the Citation Latitude is the first model to have a super-spacious cabin, along with a superior flight autonomy, which makes it a particularly efficient business jet.

Other than the two seats designated for the crew, there are 9 available to passengers.                          

With 6,63 meters of length, 1,96 meters of width, and 1,83 meters of height, this jet can best be summed up as presenting an ideal cost-efficiency ratio.

The true differentiating factor of this jet made in USA, is its design, decisively modern.

The 3,60 square meters of space in the hold available make it an excellent solution to bring with you more than the strict necessary on your trip. If, for example. You need to stay several days abroad for work purposes, you can then plan your trip better by bringing along more luggage.

Keep in mind, the luggage compartment will remain accessible to you throughout the flight.

The floor and seats of the Cessna Citation Latitude.

The floor of this aircraft is completely flat, and its seats are ergonomic, ensuring you every necessary comfort.

Effectively, everything you need is on board, for any business trip abroad you will have the ideal space to rest before taking on trips that more often demand more than expected.


With an average speed of 682 kilometers per hour, and a maximum speed that can reach 826 kilometers per hour, the Cessna Citation Latitude sits at the intermediate level of the super midsize jet category in terms of speed.

To Conclude

For business trips of short distances or within boarders, the choice of the Cessna Citation Latitude as a business jet charter, with an entirely comfortable cabin, reclining seats, and low noise levels, is a great one.

The avionics are truly noteworthy on this aircraft. All due to the touchscreen flight controls provided by Garmin.

For airports with shorter runways, this aircraft provides ample versatility.

All this to say, the Cessna Citation Latitude continues to receive endless positive reviews in its use for business trips and transfers.

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