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Monday 10 February 2020 Blog

The history and features of this super midsize jet.

Do you want to know the features of various aircraft because you are considering the charter of a private jet, perhaps for your business trips?

You have come to the right website: in the last few articles we covered both the Praetor 600 and the Learjet 60: today, we're covering the Challenger 350.

The Bombardier Challenger 350 is an intercontinental jet, known for stunning performance, sophisticated design, and high-level comfort.

Elements valued by the most successful businessmen, who choose this efficient aircraft to reach any distant airport.

After a short history and a look at the main interesting features of this super midsize jet, we will also analyze its more technical characteristics.

The Bombardier Challenger 350: a bit of history

The Bombardier Challenger 350 was launched halfway through 2014. And its introduction wasn’t seen as just any event.

The wait, especially among experts, had skyrocketed as this Midsize Jet is a relative of the Challenger 300, a business jet used for trans-continental flights, which at that moment was the highest selling jet of all time.

The assembly of this aircraft is completed at the renowned Bombardier Aviation facility, located in Montreal.

This Canadian company has on several occasions announced that the Challenger 350 achieved historical records in sales: with 300 deliveries completed in medium and large categories.

But it was not the only achievement of this aircraft manufacturer. The Bombardier Challenger 350 has been deemed the best super midsize jet for two consecutive years by a coveted award.

It was presented by a US magazine, dedicated to reporting in the field of luxury: Robb Report.

If you consider that only 5 years have passed since its debut, 300 units produced is certainly in favor of the Canadian manufacturer.

Businessmen put their trust into this aircraft.

An important step was achieved for this aircraft in July 2018, as Transport Canada issued its steep approach certification.

This approval was crucial, as it opened up operations to numerous airports for this midsize jet, some very busy, and some characterized by a short runway and a steep approach at an angle of 5.5 degrees, such as London City Airport (LCY).

Also in 2018, this business jet obtained the certifications required for steep approach by the aeronautical and aviation safety control authorities, such as EASA and FAA.

Bombardier Challenger 350: features

What the Bombardier Challenger 350 has in common with its predecessor, is the cabin, very spacious: 8.19 meters long and 2.19 meters wide.

Just right, allowing passengers to stand comfortably.

There are as many as 9 seats.

The cabin's luggage capacity proves excellent, as demonstrated by the 3 cubic meters of space in the hold, which can fit 8 suitcases and 6 briefcases.

All features ​​that make this aircraft ideal to work comfortably on the move, as befits every businessman, or to organize a transfer for work purposes ... while also enjoying a deserved rest before facing the day’s commitments.

This is possible with the highly comfortable sofa bed integrated in the cabin.

The work environment is pleasant, as is the overall high-level of comfort.

All thanks to the sophisticated design, perfectly maximizing natural light.

When compared to other business jets of the same caliber, the Dassault Falcon 900 or the Cessna 750 Citation X, mid-range jets, the cabin of the Challenger 350 is widely preferred.

Challenger 350 - Avionics

In terms of avionics, the Challenger 350 is - among all aircraft built by Bombadier Aerospace - the one with something extra. The integration of electronic equipment on this aircraft is at the forefront of the industry.

A special mention is deserved for the innovative meteorological detection systems that give pilots the advantage of being able to avoid encountering sudden turbulence.

The result? In flight, passengers can benefit from complete comfort, while for the pilot, the workload is significantly reduced.

In short, with an avionic system such as this, the reliability of the Challenger 350 is of the highest level.

The autonomy of the Challenger 350

When it comes to autonomy, with 7 hours and 45 minutes, the Challenger 350 is a step ahead of its predecessor.

The latter was first demonstrated on 13 July 1999 at the International Exhibition of Aeronautics and Space in Paris - Le Bourget.

It seems evident, if obvious, that in 15 years, progress made in the field of engine performance could have had its effects.

The comparative numbers: 5926 km / 3200 nm versus 5676 km / 3065 nm.

The Technology and Speed of the Challenger 350

Showing great performance in cruising speed, it reaches a maximum level of 869

kilometers per hour.

Technology is certainly characteristic in this Canadian aircraft. On board you will find everything, from wi-fi, to universal electric sockets on every seat.

Essentially, all the essentials for optimal use of smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

There are also touchscreen cabin controls and HD screens integrated, to let you fully enjoy a movie or continue work.

And in the future?

The manufacturer has repeatedly anticipated the various improvements to be made to the aircraft.

The objective? Consolidating the leadership of the Challenger 350 within the super mid-size segment of business jets.

Improvements are soon expected regarding the HUD (Head-up Display) and an advanced vision system, known as EVS (Enhanced Vision System).

Two novelties, worthy of attention.

Currently, innovative systems are being considered, able to further minimize noise pollution levels and increase cabin comfort.

In terms of autonomy, improvements are also planned: the primary goal of this Canadian endeavor, is to fly the aircraft for a further 1,500 miles.

To conclude

By Bombardier, leader in the market as the world's fourth-largest commercial aircraft manufacturer, the Challenger 350 is an improvement on a successful aircraft.

An avant-garde business jet, highly valued among businessmen who are used to travelling from work to home, from one country to the next.

It offers a truly excellent service.

A spacious cabin, sophisticated design, revolutionary technology, extraordinary autonomy and performance on the runway, not to mention a stunning speed, are the main strengths of the Challenger 350.

Businessmen charter this aircraft for their business trips as it offers the perfect combination of the highest-level comfort and speed.

Key elements to better meet commitments and deadlines abroad.

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