Buying Luxury Goods Through Blockchain: Why Big Brands Are Saying Yes.

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Find out why the purchase of luxury goods through the Blockchain has also won over the big names in high fashion.

The purchase of real estate, private jet flights, works of art and fashionable garments with the blockchain system is increasingly a reality.

Even the big brands have said yes to this system, both for a matter of convenience and for traceability reasons, but also for an increase in investments that has had the boom in China.

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Here we want to talk to you about the purchase of luxury goods through the Blockchain and why it represents the future.  

Why do more and more big brands decide to use this system?

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Acquisto di beni di lusso tramite Blockchain: ecco il futuro.

Blockchain: a constantly growing system of advantages.

It is now a fact that the blockchain system and cryptocurrencies have become part of our daily life and that over time their use will still grow exponentially.

More and more users decide to use the Blockchain system (literally "block chain") to buy luxury goods such as real estate, high fashion items, yachts and much more, but also services.

It is no coincidence that we at Fast Private Jet have also introduced the possibility of renting a private jet using different cryptocurrencies from March 2020, enjoying enormous success!

But why are big brands also saying yes to the purchase of luxury goods through the Blockchain?

The reasons are many, but we can start by citing what prompted many Chinese entrepreneurs to focus on cryptocurrencies.

In China, the state currency often undergoes devaluations and is increasingly controlled and centralized. For this reason, the ruling class is looking for a less volatile currency, which can offer more security, and many Chinese investors have decided to focus on this sector (much more than in the West).

In view of a very promising scenario, the Chinese central bank has also accelerated the birth of the state cryptocurrency.

In short, the manifestation of this success, the birth of other cryptocurrencies (even Facebook has announced the release of another Blockchain currency) and the investments of many multinationals around the world, has also pushed many luxury companies to open up to this. world, which seems to become increasingly favorable.

But while for the rental of a private jet, for the purchase of a boat or a car and much more, the Blockchain system represents a safe, fast and innovative way to shop, much more has happened in the fashion sector.

We tell you about it in the next paragraph.

Blockchain in fashion: this is the role of this technology.

The fashion industry by nature and by necessity has always been careful to find the news and opportunities for the future. It is no coincidence that it was also one of the first sectors to approach Blockchain technology.

Just think of 2018 when the first Blockchain Fashion Conference was organized in Ukraine and today this system is chosen to offer buyers transparency and quality.

Scopri i vantaggi dell'acquisto di beni di lusso tramite Blockchain.

Are you wondering how?

Blockchain technology allows you to have access to the history of the luxury goods that a buyer is about to buy, because all data is recorded indelibly, incorruptible and immutable in a register visible to all.

The buyer can know exactly what materials or fabrics a garment was made with, where it was packaged and to follow all the steps until reaching the store.

A very powerful prevention weapon in a period in which counterfeiting has grown enormously and in which often recognizing authentic high fashion garments had become complicated.

But not only that, by tracing every step of production, it is also possible to understand who makes their products ethically and who does not.

In this context, the AURA Blockchain application was also born, a system that allows buyers to obtain a certificate that contains all the information on the purchased good.

Thanks to this system, luxury goods are certified in a certain and reliable way and buying becomes even safer than ever!

So Blockchain is revolutionizing the entire area of ​​the high fashion sector, but it is also starting to conquer many other slices of the market that have understood the vast and convenient potential of this new world.

To conclude.

So Blockchain is a system that regulates purchases in a safe and transparent way and that avoids all the slowdowns and bureaucratic hitches that derive from relations with banks.

Transactions are guaranteed, take place with a simple click and remain traceable.

What's more, there is no need to pay international payment fees.

Furthermore, thanks to traceability, this innovative system represents the future for many sectors that want to unequivocally demonstrate the entire history of the products they offer to their consumers.

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