Businesses that accept Bitcoins? Fast Private Jet confirms its leadership in the crypto flight market.

Friday 31 December 2021 Blog, Crypto

Among the businesses that accept Bitcoin in the world of business aviation, Fast Private Jet is at the top of the ranking. Discover the successes and news. 

Fast Private Jet's decision to include cryptocurrency payments for private jet charter proved to be a more than successful choice.

Suffice it to say that since March 2020 transactions in Bitcoin (and with other cryptocurrencies) to purchase private flights with Fast Private Jet have reached 2 million euros!

Yes, you got it right! The ability to rent a private jet by paying with virtual currencies has been greatly appreciated by a large number of users, to the point that there has been an increase in requests for private flights even by users who have never done so before

But here are the reasons for this success and the news for 2021.

Business who accept Crypto payments

Bitcoin and private jet flights: these are the reasons for this huge success.

Since Fast Private Jet decided to join the businesses that accept Bitcoin (but also Ethereum and XRP), the range of users who used these exclusive flights has grown to a large extent.

The ability to use cryptocurrencies means having the opportunity to take advantage of the growing value of virtual currencies (which currently has reached peaks never seen before), but also the speed and security of this type of transaction.

The fact of including this payment method in the midst of the pandemic, among other things, has facilitated the movement of many people who, due to anti-contagion regulations, had suddenly seen the flights of airliners canceled, remaining blocked. The use of cryptocurrencies allowed him to make instant payments for private jet flights organized at the last moment.

Therefore convenience, ease and practicality, but also speed and security are the keys to the success of cryptocurrencies that our private flight company has experienced in the first position. 

In less than a year our company - in addition to having sold 2 million euros of private jet flights with cryptocurrencies - has also obtained the recognition of the BitPay platform with the Tier 4 level, which allows you to carry out transactions with virtual currencies in an unlimited way.

If you also use Bitcoin or other types of crypto coins, using BitPay you can pay the rent of a private jet very quickly, without having to wait for the long lead times of the banks.  

But are there any other news after this success?

Private jets and cryptocurrencies in the future: here are the projects of Fast Private Jet.

In addition to having been very successful, Fast Private Jet was the first business aviation company in Italy to accept payments in Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum.

Today we are more than satisfied with our innovative choice, which is why we have even decided to expand the types of cryptocurrencies allowed for payments.

Mauro De Rosa, CEO of Fast Private Jet, is also convinced that this is the future of payments. 

Users increasingly love to simplify operations and avoid wasting time and at the same time companies are opening up to increasingly digital systems.

If payment in cryptocurrencies has been so appreciated by travelers from all over the world, why not offer new opportunities also to those who use different virtual currencies?

So we at Fast Private Jet are looking more and more to the future, trying to offer more and more services and quality to our customers who love to travel between luxury, exclusivity and first-class services.

The goal of our company is to offer you the best services both while you are on board the private jet (customized for you), both in the phase before and after the flight. 

We have always put our customers first, listening to requests and opinions, and today we have once again decided to give our trusted and future customers the opportunity to fly by making payments with a convenient, innovative and modern system.

To conclude: Fly in a private jet paying in Bitcoin.

How you could read cryptocurrency payments to fly by private jet today are really possible and the numbers reached by our company can easily let you guess how much this transaction system has been appreciated by our customers. 

So if you also use cryptocurrencies, love to travel, or need to do it for work, don't hesitate.

Contact us now to request all the information you want and take advantage of this opportunity and the high value of cryptocurrencies to purchase your next flights on a private jet, to travel pampered by all the comforts, luxury and services you desire.

Choose whether to buy one flight at a time or take advantage of flight packages to ensure a long period of travel on private chartered jets.

By contacting our Fast Private Jet Advisors - active 24/7 - you can quickly organize the flight experiences you've always wanted and request a free quote based on the best prices on the market. 

Contact us today! With Fast Private Jet, flying by private jet paying in cryptocurrencies is possible!

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