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Monday 28 October 2019 Blog

Both a service and a means of travel, business jets are used by all who need to travel quickly and with complete privacy.

With this type of jet charter or personal jet, you don't have to wait for your aircraft, stand for long lines at check-in, or manage the inconvenient delays. You will arrive at your destination without any time lost and in maximum comfort.

A business jet will bring you safely to any location, providing you with a service that always adapts to your needs.

Above all, it is a particularly advantageous travel solution for groups and companies.

Booking a private jet is extremely simple with our company, Fast Private Jet: all you need to do is choose your destination, the date of departure, and confirm the quote for your charter with its final price.

There are multiple business jet models available for charter. Here are the most requested:

  • Cessna Citation CJ3 (perfect for all European destinations)
  • Dassault Falcon 7X (ideal for long-haul travel)
  • Dassault Falcon 2000LX Easy (also ideal for long journeys, very comfortable for working on board)
  • Bombardier Challenger 605 (a state-of-the-art aircraft perfect for travel outside Europe)

These are only some of the models we have available for charter: each suited to different needs and to accommodate a certain number of passengers.

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What it means to charter a business jet

When it comes to business jets, we are talking about a high-end service, ideal for working while on board or for getting to work stress-free.

Among the main features of these aircraft you will find the following:

  • comfortable interiors
  • bathrooms
  • inflight bar
  • cabin phone
  • entertainment / TV

Our private jet charter company coordinates all aspects of a flight to satisfy the special requests of our customers. Moreover, we guarantee an extremely safe flight and the total respect of privacy.

Check-in takes place swiftly and separately from airline passengers: if you book a private jet charter you can arrive at the airport minutes before take-off at the agreed time.

In addition, our business jet charter service offers the following benefits:

  • Assistance with our dedicated team: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Quotations with the best prices on the market.
  • Personalized travel experience of the highest quality at the best price.

Those who often fly for work and take advantage of private jet charters know the feeling an exclusive service!

Having to travel frequently for work is never easy. Unforeseen events, problems, long waits, stress: it all accumulates.

This is why, choosing to charter a business jet will improve your lifestyle. Finally, flying for work will become a simple pleasure.

Competent staff and crew will take care of you, your company, your team, and offer you maximum comfort and impeccable service.

Is it recommended to charter a business jet for companies?


Chartering a private jet is particularly advantageous for companies. By choosing to fly private, you will be able to work in privacy, travel quickly, and cut costs.

It is evidently an ideal solution for business trips, enabling you to travel quickly and easily to meetings, fairs, and conferences all over the world.

By booking a private jet you can manage your flight entirely: optimizing time to get to the locations of your choice, at your own pace.

A customized service, distinguished for its flexibility and professionalism.

Efficiency and safety for your business trips

Efficiency and safety are priorities at the core our private jet charter service.

Your flight is monitored in every detail, starting with active monitoring of meteorological conditions, scheduling pilots with greater experience, and always making safety standards a priority.

Choosing a business jet has many advantages:

  • Simplified boarding procedures
  • Privacy
  • Flights tailored to your needs and requests
  • Extremely comfortable and refined cabins
  • Less stress when you travel for work
  • Higher quality of your work performance

Flying is a matter of trust, and above all, of efficiency: these factors are very important for companies offering private jet charter services.

If up until recently booking a private jet might have seemed like an option for few, today, its services are widely used and recognized as an excellent solution to improve both your working and private life!

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