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Monday 9 December 2019 Blog

10 benefits for your business that you can get by traveling with a private jet.

The importance of jets for private travel in a professional environment.

Many people are made to continuously travel, often for their work. With scheduled flights multiple problems and inconveniences may occur, so increasingly, focus is turning to private jet charters.

It should be pointed out, deciding to travel by plane usually equates being subject to possible delays, flight cancellations, a slightly uncomfortable and unpleasant experience, and many other inconveniences.

In the face of these, it seems airliners, although offering one of the cheapest means of travel, are certainly not the best option ... especially when travelling quickly is necessary.

In recent years, it is precisely for this reason that those who work and travel constantly decided to switch to travelling by private plane.

As this new reality becomes increasingly frequent by the day, it is fair to say that business and the convenience of private jets create a perfect combination for all those who want to travel efficiently, comfortably, and without stress or anxiety

To understand the scope of this statement, let’s first answer a simple question: what are the main reasons that could lead you to travel by private jet for your business?

All the comforts offered by a private jet

Chartering a private jet to take care of your business, or businesses, is entirely convenient.

You only need to realize the comforts that a private jet brings, compared to any other means of transport.

More specifically, a private jet means:

  • The organization of your trip in a completely tailored and efficient way;
  • being able to fly with true professionals, from the pilots to the flight attendant;
  • being able to interact with an international team available 24 hours a day, each agent specializing in a specific geographical area.

There are other factors leading some to chartering a private jet, and which underline the professionalism and reliability of the charter company.

These are:

  • the fluidity of the bookings, in order to satisfy all customers requesting through the company;
  • the satisfaction of all customer needs. Analyzed and cared for by the team of experts, and guaranteed throughout the duration of the flight;
  • the team of experts is also available for any clarification regarding the services provided, the costs, and to guarantee the customization of the service.

But what exactly, are the advantages your business can derive from the use of a private jet for business trips?

The 10 benefits of using a private jet

As you know, there are several advantages to using a private jet:

  1. The first advantage consists of time; Many companies choose to travel by private jet because the time taken by standard procedures is virtually non-existent or at least, significantly reduced compared to scheduled flights. For example? The queues for check in, boarding, and baggage claim, waiting at the gate etc.
  2. Greater flexibility of schedules;
  3. Chartering a private plane can be no more expensive than a scheduled flight, especially with the possibility of booking for large groups (group charter) and dividing the cost.
  4. A private jet allows you to travel without other additional passengers, it’s just you, those you made the reservation with, and the crew members.
  5. You can book at any time, for any destination.
  6. You can request a catering service on board, with catering ordered specifically for the event, or ordered from particular restaurants. No ready meals, snacks, and junk foods typical of scheduled flights!
  7. Each flight can be customized to create the right atmosphere you need for your journey.
  8. The exceptional quality and comfort of the aircraft structure. Large leather armchairs, LCD monitors, soft lighting, Wi-fi connection to work while on board ... And much more.
  9. Safety ensured during and after the journey: by chartering a private flight you ensure the security of avoiding terrorist attacks, robberies, and also less dangerous (but annoying) situations, such as the loss of luggage.
  10. The last advantage inherent in chartering a private jet is the absolute availability of the chosen operator to travel anywhere you need to be, a factor which you can change before departure, as well as during the journey.

To conclude:

Chartering a private jet for business trips, is the best solution to ensure fast, safe, and efficient travel.

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