Booking Your Private Jet Early: 7 Tips For Smart Travellers

Friday 9 July 2021 Blog, Tips & Hints

Long ago, only the rich and famous had the opportunity to charter luxury jets to fly across the world in significant style and refinement.

However, circumstances have changed, and it’s more than possible to take the chance and travel to your destination in private. 

Trade not only the perspective on how to book a private jet rental but accept the enjoyment of reaching your magical destination. 

Now, entering the summer, how early should you start planning your ambitious dream holiday (in private)? 

Peak Travel Times to Charter Private Jets

Private jet aviation bookings have surged and become more accessible in price. 

When considering flying during peak travel times be aware of major holidays that will affect flying from Canada, United States, and European destinations. 

With that, some private charter rental companies are experiencing an increase in peak travel times. 

The best advice to guarantee your luxury private jet charter is to schedule ahead of spring and summer peak times. 

Booking your flight in advance allows you to avoid the chaos and headache of not enjoying your travelling adventure. 

The benefits of booking your private flight early 

  • The ability to save on private jet charter costs
  • You have the time to prepare for the unexpected
  • Get to choose the private aircraft and the type of cabin you desire.
  • Enjoy the lavish accommodations at top-notch luxury brands for an all-around experience.
  • You call the shots when it comes to your in-flight experience. 

The Ability To Save Cost On Private Jet Charter

Flying in a private jet is a consistent, pleasurable experience, but the costs can add up if you aren’t careful.

There are many ways to share or cut the cost of a jet during the peak seasons.

It will allow you to fly a lot and often because it is plausible with enough time and planning. 

One option would be to share a flight, so you are still avoiding crowds and the cramp counters of commercial aviation. 

Flying alone, the cost of the flight is all on you, but when you add family or another couple for a summer retreat, you can save thousands of dollars. 

As for the second tip, choose your days wisely when it comes to private jet charter. 

Avoid major holidays and weekends where the travel demand is heavy and more passengers seek to book a luxury charter. 

You Have Time To Prepare For The Unexpected

Flexibility is the best word to describe the experience of a luxury private jet charter. 

Commercial airlines are unable to provide their fliers with this valuable asset, which is flight time. 

Including the ability to adjust flying times for an emergency or unfortunate event such as traffic, jet charter flights have the compatibility to work with you and your schedule. 

You, as the passenger, can move the date around to fit any timeframe for your dream holiday. 

You Can Choose The Private Aircraft

Here is the icing on the cake when travelling with style and elegance and considering having a unique: tailored experience.

You have to determine how many passengers will attend your flight; this will also matter concerning cost and aircraft size. 

Each floor plan of the aircraft will accommodate different activities or occasions, for example, eating or having business meetings. 

While selecting, you have to consider the destination, whether it’s a short distance flight or an international trip, and the luggage you and your guests are bringing. 

Enjoy The Lavish Flight Accommodations

The amenities of private jet rental are top-notch and will not disappoint. 

Private jet charter flights have increased during the pandemic because of the privacy and space you can obtain during a personal flight. 

You can have more than enough legroom, with private jets having one of the most tranquil seating luxuries. 

Other modifications are shooter flights, the ability to land anywhere in the world, and the ability to bring more luggage. But, of course, you will still have to follow the rules of the weight capacity for the size of the jet you are renting. 

You call the shots (you decide the passengers)

That’s right; you call the shots for your opulent in-flight experience. 

You can reach your destinations faster and enjoy the best food and choose who you want on the plane. 

You have the opportunity to bring your pet on the flight to enjoy the pampered experience with you. 

The ease and the service of the accommodations will be handled before you arrive, with all access to areas. 

The capability to feel less stress of delayed flights and disgruntled passengers from a crowded commercial flight waiting area; is considered a relief concerning the ease and convenience of flying charter planned at the correct time before or after summer peak season. 

Lastly, wheelchair accessibility and a newspaper waiting for you with your favourite section open and waiting for you to board the aircraft. 

In Closing

Booking a private jet charter beforehand should help with the rental cost, quality, and experience as a combined bonus. 

Look for a private jet rental company, like Fast Private Jet, and experience the luxury on time, but never too late. 

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