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Sunday 1 December 2019 Top Destinations

The Winter Destination

The city of Bolzano is easily reachable on board a private jet. From the airport, a max 15 minutes of private limousine ride will take you to the city center.

In Bolzano, the landscape offers just the right agreement between modern life and lush greenery. The city offers a series of things to do between shopping lovers, easy excursionist or exper hikers.


The cable car can take you to the upper tableland that overlooks the capital. Stop the car to enjoy the amazing mountain view, buy some fresh apples or grapes from the local farms along the way, stay in a traditional Gasthaus and enjoy the time-honoured home made cuisine.


Experience like a local

What better way to experience the local culture than by taking part on some of the many events that Bolzano puts together? Just think of all the Christmas markets, the flower festival in spring, Bolzano in the summertime, the South Tyrol Jazz Festival of Alto Adige and much more.

A Mix of Cultures

Talking about the people, truth be said is that the South Tyroleans are different. Thanks to their two opposing and equally old cultures (Austrian and Italian), their three official languages and their turbulent history, the area and the culture merge the heritages all together. Expect to find that locations are usually called by both their German and Italian name and that spaghetti are eaten with a fork only. That the common aperitivo is white wine and that you should never drink cappuccino or latte macchiato after a fine meal. Finally, the German spoken in South Tyrol is a special form of German.



Bolzano undoubtedly makes itself effortlessy available for events and business affairs. The city is, among other things, an avant-garde convention centre that offers a wide range selection of hotels and multi-functional centres, ideal for business guests arriving in the capital of Alto Adige.



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